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The way I see it, while not as well-paced as previous seasons, the S6 storyline does hold up when looked at in its entirety (though granted, a good season is one you can enjoy without having to re-watch it). I started putting the timeline together mostly because I wanted to get the 5x22 - 6x01 period straight, and because I wanted to look at Cas’s actions in hindsight – and then there were Mother and Crowley and Purgatory to think of, and I wanted to see if they’d seem better connected after a re-watch (they did). Towards the end, I realised there were several themes that the episodes touched on, and they’re the things that manage to make S6 seem cohesive, at least to me.

Before jumping in, I'd like to say many thanks to [personal profile] janice_lester for the comments, suggestions and hand-holding; this post would have been painfully incoherent if not for her :)

To start off, the themes I mentioned above would be the following:

  1. Dean and family – specifically the concept of “family” that Dean thinks of as something that you earn – it might start with blood ties, but not only is blood insufficient, it’s sometimes unnecessary; you get his connection with the Braedens, his lack of connection with Samuel (because despite being his grandfather, Samuel not only fails to earn Dean’s trust from the very beginning, but also loses any status being related by blood gives him by betraying Sam and Dean), his unspoken view on how “family” members should be there for each-other unconditionally (in 6x04), his connection with Cas. This could be extended to family ties in general as a theme of the season (Mother and her children, Cas and his brothers, the Alphas and their children), but throughout the timeline I focused on Dean and his point of view

  2. Sam and Dean’s relationship – the arc of their relationship over the whole season moves from Dean distrusting Sam, to Dean managing/taking care of Sam, to Dean trusting Sam again, and most importantly, Sam holding Dean up, helping Dean really trust him again (their dialogue at the end of 6x14, Sam wanting to go back home in 6x15, their unspoken but acknowledged parallel with the children in 6x19 (which… well… if you look further into it, it gets disturbing/sad, because the younger brother was a monster, killed the older brother and turned him…), his worry over Ben and Lisa in 6x21, Sam’s “you know me, you know why” line in 6x22)

  3. (not) Asking for help – an off-shoot of the family-theme, it’s not as pervasive as the former and only shows up five times clearly, but it’s what the big decisions in the season revolve around

  4. Monsters – Mother - Crowley – I use this for anything connected with the strange monster activity, Eve, and Crowley’s Purgatory plans; its focus changes from the first to the last throughout the season

  5. Dean being betrayed – happens a lot throughout the season, Dean getting the rug pulled out from under him several times [58]

  6. Dean’s stressed – an offshoot of the above, just to measure for how long Dean’s been under pressure/ suspicious about Sam/worried about Sam/worried about Cas/worried about Lisa and Ben during the season

  7. Cas in a hurry, Cas being betrayed, nobody listens to/understands Cas – the first is always in place when Cas appears before 6x20, the last two alternate sometimes

  8. Souls are important – almost non-existent in the first part of the season, connected to the second part by Death mentioning them; while it was interesting, I thought Death’s request that the boys keep searching could have done with a follow-up, at least them saying they have no idea what he was on about later on, or them bringing up Death’s request when they find out about Cas’s plan.

5x22 (Swan Song) and beyond

  • Cas dies and gets brought back to life, new and improved [1]

    • He feels justified and empowered and amazed that they’ve done something this spectacular, that they completely and utterly went against the Written Word and saved the world [2]

    • He’s been rewritten into existence again, a second time, by God (presumably [3]) God, though, is still absent, has still never interfered, and according to 5x16 he literally doesn’t care; except he brought Cas back twice, so maybe Cas is doing something right? (oh, hi there, perfect set-up for Crowley to use!)

    • He feels stronger than he’s felt in a year, whole, full of purpose and mission, and also free to do what he thinks is right (because that’s what their victory has taught him). And he thinks the price to pay for stopping the Apocalypse was too great; so he goes to Hell to get Sam out [4]

    • After debating it for a while in my head, I leaned towards the idea that he knew Sam was soulless, or at least knew that something was definitely wrong from the very beginning (see my twisted logic here [5])

    • He then goes to Heaven and spends his first weeks there [6] trying to teach free will to angels; with not much luck

    • Raphael demands allegiance and knocks Cas into next week – and it looked to me like Cas would have gone along with atoning for his rebellion, but only started protesting after Raphael started mentioning putting the Apocalypse back on track

    • Cas needs help for fighting dirty, but won’t ask Dean because Dean’s given enough [7]

    • Enter Crowley and his marvellously silver tongue [8]

    • Cas receives the 50.000 souls [9], smites Raphael and gathers his followers; the War begins

  • Sam leaves Dean behind and… presumably starts hunting on his own for a while?

  • Bobby finds out Sam’s alive, and decides not to tell Dean about it (possibly at Sam’s suggestion)

  • Dean slowly gets through the incredible mess he was in after Stull (drinking for months, nightmares, etc); he looks for ways to get Sam out of Hell, without any luck; he starts adjusting to his new life, gets a job, makes non-hunter friends, takes up golf, etc; Lisa-and-Dean aren’t perfect but they’re in it together

  • Crowley gets Samuel out of Hell (I assume Sampa lied when he said something pulled him down, all the better to keep the boys from drawing the right conclusions) and somewhere down the line he and Sam start hunting together [10]

  • All the monsters they catch get tortured in Crowley’s Monster Gitmo

  • Eve starts getting antsy and the monster activity on Earth starts going haywire. The Alphas get handed orders to amass an army (what happened to the hundreds (?) of monsters that had been made for that purpose, by the way?), new/old monsters appear in the world (djinn with special skillz (6x01), dragons that had been extinct (6x12), spider-men (6x13)), and Eve starts making plans about getting out of Purgatory via the dragons from 6x12

6x01 (Exile on Main Street)

  • Sam and Samuel go and get Dean as a result of that weird monster activity and the random group of djinns wanting revenge

  • A year later, Dean’s still not at ease and waiting for something to come get him; his worst nightmare (as induced by the djinn) is his past coming back to haunt him and hurt Lisa and Ben

  • Dean goes JOY, SAM’S ALIVE!! He then feels pissed (and betrayed?) that both Sam and Bobby hid that fact from him, because they thought Dean deserved a family/to get out of the life/they knew better

  • Dean doesn’t trust Sampa or the Campbells; Christian’s an ass; Sam’s acting kind of… off

  • The Campbells are revealed to be a very long line of hunters

    • Samuel’s antidote to djinn poison is the first suggestion that he knows more about hunting than the average hunter

  • Sam doesn’t want to talk about Hell [11]

  • We get the first mention of Samuel capturing monsters

  • Dean stays behind with Lisa (partly because what’s the point of leaving them alone and unprotected; yeah Dean, remember this reasoning?); Sam doesn’t take the car

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean being betrayed, Dean and family, Dean’s stressed (more or less; it’s a one-off on top of his regularly scheduled unease)

6x02 (Two and a Half Men)

  • The Braedens and Dean move house for their own safety; Dean keeps them on lock-down, is rather paranoid (though justifiably, for Dean), and acts enough like John to freak himself out

  • The first Alpha gets mentioned and shows up, and things in the Monster world still seem weird

  • Dean admits to starting to think of Ben as his kid; Sam reinforces Dean’s coming back to reality (how can Dean keep them safe and not turn into John?)

    • First mention of the season of Dean separating “blood” from “family”

  • Dean keeps not trusting the Campbells (as an added boon, Christian mentions Dean’s torturing souls in Hell [12]); he starts to be suspicious of Sam’s behaviour, and so do we

  • First mention of Samuel working for someone

  • Dean wants to do what’s safest for Lisa and Ben, but can’t figure out if that’s staying with them or leaving (and frustratingly wants to do both); he doesn’t want to screw them up by acting like John 2.0 but can’t help how he’s behaving; Lisa tells him to stop white-knuckling it and feeling like he’s a bad-awful thing, and just go be hunter he is; they’ll give a long-distance relationship a try

  • Dean/Impala FTW!

OVERALL THEMES: Dean and family, Monsters – Mother - Crowley, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean’s stressed

6x03 (The Third Man)

  • Cas has been fighting the War for a “year” and it’s been going badly; then news on the Weapons comes up [13]

    • Dean refers to them as loose nukes; Crowley referred to using the souls as going nuclear; in 6x03, Cas pauses at Dean’s nuke reference – it could very well be that they’re unconnected, and Cas is just trying to parse Dean’s words, but it is interesting

  • Dean has left Lisa and is on his way to the Campbell base; we get the idea that the long-distance relationship might be working for now from Dean and Ben’s phone conversation

  • We get a glimpse of Sam and his Robo!Sam routines, hooker included (what happened to not paying for it, Sam?)

  • Sam looks somewhat shifty when mentioning Cas not answering the phone all year

  • Dean and I do share a more profound bond [14]

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • He gnaws his bottom lip and nods a bit when Dean tells him that Cas should care about Sam, he went to Hell to save the world, remember?

    • The whole next dialogue with Sam is a bunch of bald-faced lies (I didn’t answer because I didn’t know who got you out of Hell and why) [15]

    • Whoever has the weapons wins the War (whole set of lines spoken while Cas rifles through their duffle bags, not looking at them and in a hurry)

  • We get the first instance of Cas not showing up because Dean called (or at least that’s what Cas says); we also get the first instance of Cas showing up when Dean calls (for whatever purposes) but ignoring Sam’s calls entirely

  • First instance of the season when Cas mentions the bigger picture (It does help one to focus, he says, referring to the Weapons)

  • First instance when Cas talks to the boys about the War with his back turned to them

  • Cas asks for their help (in locating the Staff of Moses) and they scoff; (I interpreted that as them thinking they’ve given enough, and why is Cas asking them to clean up Heaven’s messes?); hello, moment that possibly strengthens Cas’s (as yet fragile?) belief that he did the right thing by not asking for their/Dean’s help in the beginning!

  • First instance of the season when Cas says they/he doesn’t have time for this [16]

  • Cas puts a kid through unspeakable pain to get important information and says that he doesn’t have the luxury to care, first implication that he’s doing regrettable things [17]

  • When the angel shows up and he and Cas start fighting, it really looks like it was just another skirmish in a long list of skirmishes that could happen at any moment; Cas looked hunted; props to the show

  • Cas says he didn’t bring up the War in Heaven until now because he was ashamed: half-truth or poor excuse?

  • First instance of Cas saying he’s sorry (while looking sadly at Dean; then distracting him by cutting up his hand for blood)

  • Cas meets Balthazar again after thinking him dead (joy! a friend! mentions of standing up for Cas back in S4), but not only won’t he help, he’s stolen the Weapons on a whim and gone AWOL because, as he puts it, Cas showed him the way [18]

  • We get the first mention of souls being worth a lot, in currency and power

  • After a “year” of continuous fighting and killing his brothers and hiding things from his followers and keeping away from Sam and Dean to keep them safe (and maybe having the knowledge that he raised Sam from Perdition wrong) and working with a demon, Cas gets captured again by Raphael, and beaten up again, and almost killed

    • As [personal profile] janice_lester points out, Raphael doesn’t comment on Cas being weaker than last time they met. Does that mean he knows full well by this point how Cas was able to get the extra juice required to smite him?

  • Balthazar saves him (joy!), while Cas just kneels there and looks tired

  • Cas runs away from the Winchesters without giving any answers, after toeing the line between helping them ultimately save the kid and repaying his debt to Balthazar by letting him go

  • Dean gets his first taste of Cas being busy with his own problems, not answering their questions, and just generally being a different angel than what he’d been used to seeing

  • Dean really starts to get suspicious about Sam, and the boys drive off into the murky sunset to fight crime monsters

OVERALL THEMES: nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas being betrayed, souls are important, Cas in a hurry, Sam and Dean’s relationship, asking for help

6x04 (Weekend at Bobby’s)

  • The boys and Bobby get their first inkling that no, Crowley isn’t a maybe-good-guy at all, as he won’t (or can’t, but has been lying all along about being able to) give Bobby his soul back

  • We get the first mention that torching a demon’s bones kills him/her [19]

  • We get another mention of monsters acting weird

  • We get the first instance of a spirit being summoned from Heaven/Hell (as far as I remember, there was also a ritual to summon a ghost not yet laid to rest, which Sam and Dean used in 3x06. Interestingly, that was the ritual that mentioned Castiel's name, which made me react not unlike this when I found out about it :])

  • Dean’s getting more and more antsy about Sam, and worried about how he was brought back, if he’s 100% Sam, etc

  • We see a clear example of how Dean functions when it comes to family: he’s tremendously self-absorbed/focused on the Winchester problems (especially when Sam’s at stake: More important than Sam?! he asks Bobby) and expecting family to help them whenever they need help, but that’s because he’d offer the exact same dedication and effort if only the other person says so when they need his help. All Bobby ever had to do was ask, and the boys mobilized like *that*

  • Bobby gets off the hook; Crowley gets his bones back and hides them somewhere

OVERALL THEMES: Dean and family, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Monsters – Mother - Crowley, asking for help, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed

6x05 (Live Free or Twi-Hard)

  • The second Alpha makes an appearance (even if behind the scenes)

  • The boys are still collaborating with the Campbells; Sam is consistently the one to contact Samuel

  • Dean definitely becomes suspicious of Sam, as Sammy allows him to be turned into a vampire

  • Dean and Lisa’s long-distance relationship seems to kind of be working. Once a vampire, though, Dean visits Lisa and Ben to say goodbye for good (I can’t bring this crap home to you); feeding urges get crazy, and he barely holds back from biting Lisa and then shoves Ben; understandably, Lisa freaks

  • Samuel comes up with an old remedy of turning a newly turned vampire back to a human by using the blood of his/her maker, if and only if the new vampire hasn’t fed on human blood

    • [personal profile] janice_lester points out that the cure kinda sounds like John’s werewolf cure that didn’t work to save Madison in S2 (since by the time they found her she’d already fed)

    • Second inkling that Samuel knows more about hunting that average hunters do (possibly as a result of the Cambells being a clan of hunters dedicated to the job for centuries, keeping journals and maybe being prone to working together, which regular hunters might not do)

  • We see the first instance of Samuel being suspicious of Sam’s behaviour

  • Dean gets a telepathic message from the Alpha in which he asks his subordinate vampires to build an army; we’re told that vampires don’t kill people anymore, just turn them (at least the ones in this nest); hunters don’t scare them anymore

  • He fights back after being discovered, slaughters every vampire in the house; after Sam and Samuel find him, Dean gets turned back and remembers what Sam did; suspicion abounds

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean and family, Monsters – Mother - Crowley, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed

6x06 (You Can’t Handle the Truth)

  • Dean is strongly suspicious of Sam’s behaviour, feels decidedly unsafe around him, and feels like he’s hunting/living with Lucifer beside him; Bobby can’t offer answers

  • Cas doesn’t answer when called (over several days); when he does show up, it’s immediately after Dean sends a message/prayer about what could be Gabriel’s Horn of Truth (second time when Cas doesn’t show up because Dean needs his help, but for his own purposes, second mention of Heaven’s Weapons, second time when Dean refers to the Weapon as loose nukes)

  • He eases one of Dean’s worries - Sam can’t be Lucifer because the angels would know if he escaped; he doesn’t offer any other answers, and his assurance that he’ll make inquiries sounds a little empty; he looks tired and strung out and pained [20]; there’s a second instance of Cas turning away from Dean when talking about the War; second instance of Cas saying he’s sorry (though not about the War, about Sam); we get a second mention of Cas doing regrettable things [21]; he still moves in Cas-time and ends his visit quickly [22]

  • Dean gets frustrated and angry, blows up in Cas’s face; it’s only the second time they’ve seen each other in more than a year, and Dean might be worried that Cas has changed and doesn’t care about them anymore

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • He looks down before saying he didn’t come about Sam because he has nothing to offer about Sam (which technically isn’t a lie…)

    • He looks to the side before saying that Sam isn’t Lucifer (also not a lie)

    • He pours Dean a drink during their conversation [23]

    • He looks down for a second when he says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Sam – can be interpreted either way (a lie, or Cas being brought down for not being able to help)

    • Cas’s face, when he says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Sam but will make inquiries, is conveniently out of focus

    • The little pause before “I don’t know what’s…” can be interpreted either way

  • Dean makes use of his curse and asks Sam whether he’s lying; even after Sam’s answer, however, he’s not entirely at ease (“Better now”), although he accepts that Sam’s Sam, just screwed up from the gig

  • Lisa isn’t taking Dean’s calls and eventually ends their relationship (partly due to the curse)

  • First inkling that Sam doesn’t sleep

  • It turns out there is no Horn of Truth [24], and Veritas is involved (first mention in the SPN mythology); Veritas proves Sam to be a liar, and shows that Dean’s opinion of himself has reached a painful rock-bottom; then she violently dies

    • Via a dagger dipped in dog’s blood, which Sam had procured somehow (gasp! he’s evil; hi, Cas in 6x22 and your jar of dog’s blood!)

  • Dean loses all faith in Sam and beats him to a pulp after Sam admits that he doesn’t feel anything

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean being betrayed, Cas in a hurry, Dean’s stressed

6x07 (Family Matters)

  • Cas reveals that Sam doesn’t have a soul (first instance when Cas does show up just because Dean needs help); Dean starts investigating how Sam got out [25]

  • Cas checks Samuel’s soul; he somehow misses that Christian was demon-ed up [26]

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • …basically, nothing; if Cas really did know that Sam had no soul then his acting skills are great, and his bad-liar shtick is rather inconsistent

  • He leaves (conveniently?) when they start talking about what Samuel knew about being brought back

  • We get the first clear instance of Cas and Dean’s goals being entirely distinct now, and that Cas is chafing at Dean’s attitude

    • The look he throws Dean when Dean tells him to clean Sam up might count as well

    • The first, possibly second (depending on how you interpret Sam and Dean’s scoffs in 6x03) instance when Cas being in the middle of a Civil War seems to be falling on deaf ears [27]

  • Samuel clearly doesn’t trust Dean/doesn’t include him in his plans; the mistrust is mutual, but Dean plays along

  • Second instance of Dean separating “blood” from “family” (though he does let Samuel go in the end)

  • The Alpha Vampire is captured

  • Dean takes over as Sam’s Jiminy Cricket

  • First mentions of Purgatory, the Mother of All, and the fact that the monsters (or at least the vampires) are going to war; the Alpha Vamp can somehow tell that Sam is soulless [28]

  • Samuel is revealed to be working for Crowley [29], who shows up and claims to have risen both Sam and Samuel from Hell [30];

    • Location, location, location

    • The first of Crowley’s claims that he’s the new King of Hell

    • Third inkling/first straight mention of Samuel knowing a hell of a lot about hunting, possibly more than all other hunters combined

    • Crowley wants to bring the boys into service [31] on the threat of shoving Sam back into Hell (either his body, or Crowley’s suggesting that he got Sam’s soul out of the Cage and has it stashed somewhere, ready to give it back if the boys play nice, or shove it back in the Cage if they don’t), and Sam is the one who more or less tries to convince Dean to do it [32]

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean and family, Dean being betrayed, Monsters – Mother – Crowley, Cas in a hurry, Dean’s stressed, nobody listens to/understands Cas (to a lesser extent)

6x08 (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

  • A third Alpha appears; there’s mention of another army being put together

  • Another mention of the monster world being out of whack (a werewolf turning on a half-moon)

  • Dean’s still against working for Crowley, but grudgingly plays nice after Crowley spins it as a hostage situation and says all they need to do is get him a live Alpha

    • Dean doesn’t trust Sam, hates the whole situation, and is generally overwhelmed. Ultimately, he still doesn’t go with Crowley’s plan, no matter the threats, and opts for killing the Alpha to make sure that the families it would harm stay safe

  • Now that he doesn’t have to hide it, Sam amps up the Robo!Sam act, eventually admitting that he doesn’t even really care about Dean; he wants to get his soul back, though [33]

  • Dean’s sleeping fully clothed on top of the covers again; Sam still doesn’t sleep at all

OVERALL THEMES: bMonsters – Mother -<> Crowley, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean’s stressed

6x09 (Clap Your Hands If You Believe)

  • First mention of fairies in the SPN mythology

  • Dean takes his Jiminy Cricket duties seriously [34]

  • We get a hilarious (and heartbreaking) account of what Dean thinks it means to have a soul

  • Dean’s almost-called Lisa a bunch of times

  • It’s not aliens, it’s leprechauns [24]

  • The leprechaun can tell that Sam’s missing his soul too; also, supposedly, they can do real magic and could get Sam’s soul back; also, Dean belongs to them [35]

  • Sam sends the fairies back, and Dean starts to suspect that Sam doesn’t really want his soul back

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed (though played for laughs a little)

6x10 (Caged Heat)

  • Crowley tortures the Alpha Shifter with no luck – the Alpha Vamp must not have offered any answers; Eve must be getting really antsy

  • The boys have been working for Crowley for months; Dean is still suspicious about Sam wanting to get his soul back

  • Meg shows up, needing the boys to find Crowley and kill him [36]; Sam’s a-okay with working with her to get rid of Crowley (yet again, Robo!Sam's utterly rational, means-to-an-end side makes an appearance) while Dean champs at the bit

  • Cas shows up only when Sam mentions a third (fake) Weapon (third instance of Cas doing that) [37]; Dean’s surprised he actually showed – clearly their relationship is frayed

    • Even so, when Cas brings up the complications of Sam’s soul, Dean clearly leans on him, certain that Cas should be able to and would want to help

    • Aaaaand Dean sounds so very worried when Cas is zapped away by Samuel

  • Samuel’s working for Crowley to get Mary back (good intentions everywhere) and won’t help the boys (it's not like he could even trust them, after all - Sam's almost a monster himself (even Dean said that he'd wanted to hunt him before figuring out what was wrong with Sam), and the only memory he has of Dean is a murky one of him travelling through time before Samuel got possessed by Azazel(if he even has them; on the one hand, demon possession! on the other, time travel, complicated)

  • Dean’s hypocrisy re: working with demons is presented as learning from their mistakes

  • Cas continues to be suspicious/disgusted of Samuel and calls Meg an abomination [38]

  • Cas and The Porn, Cas and The Kiss [38]

  • Sam gets Ruby’s knife back

  • First instance of Cas telling Dean it might not be wise to get Sam’s soul back [39]; Sam overhears their conversation and probably half-decides then and there that he doesn’t want the damn soul back anyway

    • Clear instance of Dean’s attitude towards problems – fix what’s on the table/do what I feel is right, figure out the loose ends later [40]

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • Basically… nothing; he’s not technically lying about anything, though, except for burning the wrong bones

    • Two new instances of Cas speaking while not looking Dean in the eye (both times re: the bad idea that was sticking Sam’s soul back in) – though it could just be the gravity of the situation

    • Worrying his bottom lip while saying he’d rather be there with them is rather heartbreaking in hindsight

  • Samuel sells Sam and Dean out; after this second betrayal (Dean had let him go the first time (6x07), when Robo!Sam had raised his gun to kill Samuel) Dean puts him on the list of Next to Kill

  • More talk about the differences between blood and family

  • Crowley reveals he’s never had Sam’s soul and can’t actually get it. Cas ‘kills’ him. Meg runs away

  • Cas reveals that the War is going badly, but doesn’t want the boys’ help; he goes to kill the remaining captive monsters, but probably just does a confab with Crowley

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, Dean and family, Dean being betrayed, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas in a hurry, Sam and Dean’s relationship, not asking for help (Samuel), Dean’s stressed

6x11 (Appointment in Samarra)

  • Dean makes a deal with Death and gets Sam’s soul back; Death puts up the wall and Sam’s not supposed to scratch

    • After Dean stops Sam just in time from killing Bobby as part of a ritual to keep his soul out (which information was provided by Balthazar)

  • In the process, Dean learns the hard way that you’re not supposed to mess with the Natural Order (which he and Sam have done countless times, supposedly causing disruption on a global scale; chaos and sadness is supposed to follow the people who cheat Death for the rest of their lives – yeah, that sounds about right), and what’s amazing is that he accepts it now

    • Tessa mentions following a list to see who’s supposed to die – could be a first mention of Fate

    • Death tells Dean to keep digging (at what? pretty vague) and that it’s all about the souls

  • We learn for sure that Adam is also in Hell, and Death makes Dean make a choice [41]

  • Souls are resilient and cannot be broken, while at the same time vulnerable and not a rubber ball; also, they’re incredibly valuable; and only Death lasts forever

  • The meaning of life is a Kansas song

OVERALL THEMES: souls are important, Dean and family, Dean being betrayed, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean’s stressed

6x12 (Like a Virgin)

  • The dragons get Eve out of Purgatory by using the ritual Cas will eventually use in 6x22 (though for some reason they need to sacrifice several virgins, not just virgin blood, and they don’t draw any kind of seal; maybe it’s just a different version of the ritual; maybe it’s a ritual for getting a specific someone out, while Cas opens the gates)

    • the boys get their hands on the human-skin journal from the 14th century and find out about the Mother and Purgatory

    • the very appearance of the dragons is yet another instance of monster-world being out of whack

  • Cas is very angry at Dean getting Sam’s soul back [42]; his visit is very short once again

  • Lying! Cas radar: yeah, I got nothing… (again, not technically lying)

  • Soulful!Sam returns after a 10-day sleep, with Stull as his last memory and bits and pieces shining through (like the skinwalker); Cas eventually fills the gaps, and as a result Sam departs on yet another personal mission of redemption (PMR)

  • Dean considers Robo!Sam to be whole other person

  • Dr. Vysiak shows up

OVERALL THEMES: MonstersMother - Crowley, Dean being betrayed, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Cas in a hurry, nobody listens to/understands Cas

6x13 (Unforgiven)

  • Another new monster shows up

  • Sam receives coordinates and decides to do a follow-up for the previous case he’d worked with Samuel in that location, to fix whatever needed to be fixed (PMR ftw!)

    • He gets several flashbacks about that case (apparently Robo!Sam was a ruthless horn-dog who thought family slowed him down)

    • Several women die as part of the spider-man’s revenge, and the monster itself had been innocent at first (it’s a regular guilt-fest)

  • they discover and kill the spider-man, but all the other spider-creatures are still out there

  • Sam has a seizure and remembers bits of Hell

OVERALL THEMES: MonstersMother - Crowley, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean’s stressed

6x14 (Mannequin 3- The Reckoning)

  • Next ep, Sam’s fine, after 2-3 minutes of Dean freaking out completely; to Sam it felt more like a week

    • Dean reasons Sam into not pursuing his past, in order not to risk his life

  • Dean’s rejecting Lisa’s calls (Ben’s, in fact), and Sam has to talk him into investigating whatever Ben thought was wrong with her; by the end of the ep, he and Lisa are over for good; Ben’s still angry about Dean leaving them, though

    • Another instance of blood and family being separate, only this time with the implication that family doesn’t end with blood

  • Dean starts to trust Sam again, and the boys fix the Impala up before riding into the sunset behind the scenes to hunt monsters, because sometimes they do manage to do some good and save lives (though Dean’s faith in the point of it all is wavering)

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean and family, Dean’s stressed

6x15 (The French Mistake)

  • Raphael consolidates his forces and presumably ups the ante

  • Balthazar joins Cas’s side (possibly because he’s on the run) and hands him the Weapons; while Cas goes underground to find them, Balthazar sends the boys on a wild goose chase as decoys

    • In the end Cas only threatens Raphael with the Weapons [43]

  • Dean gets a renewed sense of purpose in what they do, and renewed faith in Sam (through the fact that Sam wants to go back home, because in the meta!world they didn’t have their friends, and they weren’t even brothers anymore)

  • Dean and Cas’s friendship is quite possibly the most frayed it’s ever been (though both of them still caaaaare), as Dean is frustrated and angry that Cas has not only used them as decoys but still flies away before offering any answers

    • Lying!Cas radar: well, nothing really, but Cas looks ragged and brought down for what will be obvious reasons in hindsight [44]

    • Another instance of Cas turning away from Dean/the boys when talking about the War (also caricaturized in the meta!world)

    • I’m sorry about all this (Third instance when Cas says he’s sorry)

    • Cas’s cryptic and dry references to the War have officially become background noise and poor excuses in Dean’s eyes

OVERALL THEMES: Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean and family, Dean’s stressed, Cas in a hurry, Nobody listens to/understands Cas

6x16 (...And Then There Were None)

  • Eve creates all sorts of new monsters, sowing destruction along her way

  • The boys get their first sighting of Eve, and she sends a message that monsters will take over the earth (and either all humans, or TFW will die)

  • Rufus, Gwen, and Samuel die

    • Samuel was hunting Eve as well, possibly at Crowley’s direction

  • Another mention of family not ending with blood, and how ‘family is earned’

  • Dean cleans the slate, blanket forgiveness for everyone

    • Also, Dean talks big about how life is short, and family’s supposed to get over things…

OVERALL THEMES: MonstersMother - Crowley, Dean and family, Sam and Dean’s relationship

6x17 (My Heart Will Go On)

  • Bobby amps up the research into Eve and how to kill her

  • Balthazar un-sinks the Titanic [45], which creates 50.000 new souls that Cas plans to use [46]

  • The episode indirectly brings up the topic of the Natural Order (second mention in the season)

  • The boys mess with Fate and Cas is (allegedly) forced to kill her in order to keep them safe, and later on is forced to abandon his plan and lose the souls entirely for the same reason

  • From what Fate tells us, and from Cas’s expression during their dialogue, the knife is very close to his throat, and Cas is getting desperate

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • Looks all over the place when he says that he’s aware Balthazar can be impetuous - which isn’t technically a lie…In fact, he doesn’t actually lie to them throughout the episode, he just focuses entirely on the surface situation, and the fact that they’re in danger as a result of their actions

    • The fact that Cas was there just in time to get them out of the fire implies either that Cas had been spying on them ever since then, or that he knew that Fate would eventually go after the boys (for leverage; I wonder how many gods/supernatural creatures know this weakness of his) so he was looking after them.

    • It’s the first time Cas shows up without being asked to (sad that it’s because it’s part of his plan); technically, he showed up in 6x15 on his own too (and again as part of his plan), but that was mostly to let Raphael know he had the Weapons; two birds with one stone?

    • Looks all over the place when nodding awkwardly about Balthazar’s antics [47]

    • Wants the boys/Dean to remember/understand that he did it all for the sake of freedom, which is something they taught him, so he’s basically following in their footsteps

  • Apart from it being part of the “can’t care, don’t have the luxury” attitude, we get a first taste of Cas’s rationalisation skills when in need – the 50.000 souls had never initially existed, so what happens to them shouldn’t matter [48]

  • We see Cas’s mottos for this entire season: let’s not get emotional and you (I) don’t have a choice

  • Cas and Dean’s relationship (the way they interact) is more or less that of S4: Cas keeps things from Dean and does so seamlessly, while still toeing the line and trying to help as much as he can; Dean reacts to Cas’s lack of participation/help/caring (which in S4 he’d expected because they should have been on the same side and angels should have been wanting to do the right thing, and which now he expects because of the trust/friendship/what have you they’d developed in S5) with anger, frustration, and subtle worry, and they argue more often than not. The added dimension is the fact that they both still care, and the fact that they’re not getting along (and for the longest time it’s not clear why they’re not getting along) is chafing

OVERALL THEMES: souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas

6x18 (Frontierland)

  • The boys discover how to kill Eve and go back in time to get the necessary phoenix ashes

  • The show puts its finger on the fact that the boys keep calling Cas when they need him, and don’t (visibly) seem to realise that he’s busy fighting a war [49]

  • Rachel finds out about Cas’s plan to open Purgatory (how?) and questions him [50]; Cas kills her, looks torn up about it (says he’s sorry), and lies to Bobby about him being betrayed [51] Once again, Cas thinks he doesn’t have a choice

  • We get the first on-screen moment of Cas using a soul to power-up

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • Broken sentences (could be from being tired) and looking all over the place when he mentioned Rachel’s betrayal

    • I never want to do that again is debatable [52]

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas being betrayed

6x19 (Mommy Dearest)

  • Eve experiments until she makes the perfect, inconspicuous monster [53]

  • Rachel’s outburst in 6x17 and how tired Cas looked in 6x18 must have had an effect, and Dean doesn’t want to bother Cas anymore

  • Cas comes to them instead, eager to hunt Mother (and hopefully not kill her, as per Crowley’s request, but Eve depowering him puts a wrench in whatever plan he’d had); all through the episode, he’s in a hurry

  • We get a clear picture of how completely Dean relies on Cas and his powers (sadly, Dean chooses to demonstrates this by being an insensitive jerk (especially considering Cas's gradual falling in S5) and calling Cas a useless, limp baby)

  • Bigger-picture!Cas makes another (darker, more ragged) appearance; he and Dean are not on the same wavelength when it comes to this [54]

  • We get the first inkling of how good Cas is at torturing

  • Eve reveals Crowley’s alive before dying [55]; Bobby and Sam start suspecting Cas

    • The Natural Order is brought up again (third mention)

    • Dean refuses to work with monsters again, even under threat of the whole of TFW dying

  • Crowley sends demons to kill the remaining Jefferson Starships, and collects Eve’s body; it’s possible he’s been using demons to hunt monsters ever since Samuel died

  • Lying!Cas radar:

    • I don’t understand what’s going on here – debatable [56]

    • I’m an angel – heartbreaking how he holds on to that

OVERALL THEMES: MonstersMother - Crowley, souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas in a hurry, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed

6x20 (The Man Who Would Be King)

  • For some reason, Eve’s body keeps producing eggs

  • The boys suspect and lie to Cas, and Dean hates it

  • He is the Balki Bartokomous of Heaven [57]

  • Cas spies on the boys while also helping them, frustratingly and tiredly keeps toeing the line, and eventually outs himself

  • The boys refuse to listen, the betrayal being so great [58] Cas reveals he was the one to get Sam out of Hell, but Sam understandably jumps to the wrong conclusions [59]

  • Cas’s I have no choice mantra shows up several times, in flashbacks and not

  • Crowley gets in several verbal jabs (re: Cas isn’t righteous anymore, can’t have friends anymore, is going off his rocker) and smart remarks about Cas being the new God – which Cas resents entirely [60]

  • Cas steals the journal from Bobby; he tries to make Dean understand one more time, Dean doesn’t listen, and both start the journey towards being on different sides after saying they’re sorry [61]

  • Cas prays for guidance for the last time, gets no answer again, and decides to go through with everything after all [62]

  • Lying!Cas radar – off the scale

“I didn’t go to them, because they had questions I couldn’t answer; because I was afraid”

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas in a hurry, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed, not asking for help

6x21 (Let it Bleed)

  • Bobby and the boys find out that Cas took one of the Campbell journals [63] and follow that lead; eventually Bobby finds out that Dr Vysiak was in fact an escaped creature/soul from Purgatory, which Cas had also discovered

  • Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben to make Dean stand down; Dean chooses to assume that Cas is in on it, and the boys call Balthazar for help, at which point he finds out about Cas working with Crowley and his plan re: the souls [64]

  • Sam prays to Cas, and Cas finds out that Lisa and Ben had been captured

  • Dean takes up torturing demons for info on Lisa and Ben’s whereabouts [65]

  • Since reasoning didn’t work in 6x20 (in that the boys never even stopped to listen) Cas tries to appeal to Dean via their connection and the trust he’d earned, after saving him yet again [66]; he offers to get Lisa and Ben back and asks Dean to stand behind him [67]; Dean takes it the wrong (right?) way, says no again, and now they’re definitely on opposite sides [68]

  • Balthazar joins TFW (though tentatively) and leads Sam and Dean to Lisa and Ben; Lisa gets hurt via possession, Dean acts disturbingly like John [69], they all get out of there, and Lisa ends up in the hospital, dying.

  • Cas shows up and heals Lisa without being asked to (and squeezes out two more I’m sorry’s, oh god ;_;); even though it doesn’t change anything (they are deeply entrenched in their respective sides), he also does one more favour for Dean and alters Lisa and Ben’s memories [70]; Dean then proceeds to break all of our hearts again and says goodbye

  • Cas gets his hands on Dr Vysiak

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Dean and family, Cas being betrayed, not asking for help, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed, Sam and Dean’s relationship

6x22 (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

  • Crowley and Cas torture and break Dr Vysiak (Cas being the most effective, reportedly), get some of her blood, and she escapes [71]

  • When Dean refuses to back down once again, Cas breaks Sam’s wall (saying that he’ll fix it later) [72] and leaves to get ready for the ritual; he breaks his agreement with Crowley; there is no turning back

    • He also says he’s sorry this (Dr. Vysiak, presumably, but maybe the whole situation they’d gotten into) had to happen, bringing his sorrys up to a total of eight this season; but he’s done listening and doesn’t care what Dean thinks anymore; no turning back, alright

    • Interestingly, he’s asking TFW to stand down and let him stop Raphael; clearly, it’s all he sees, all he’s focused on. Never mind that he doesn’t want all of Purgatory’s power for himself, the problem is that he doesn’t see the risks, because at this point Purgatory is his last shot at stopping the Apocalypse (It’s too late now. I can’t turn back now. I can’t, he said in 6x20)

    • Dean’s You don’t even see it, do you? How totally off the rails you are! is very reminiscent of his Do you even know how far off the reservation you’ve gone? to Sam in 4x04

  • Sam starts putting the pieces of himself back together in his head; we get a moment of Sam being as utterly devoted to Dean as Dean is to Sam, thus closing one of the narrative/emotional arcs of the season

  • Balthazar tells TFW where to find Cas and Crowley but refuses to do anything more; after which Cas kills him [73]

  • Cas breaks his deal with Crowley, and Crowley goes to make a deal with Raphael [74] Somewhere around now, Cas switches the ritual blood with dog’s blood; Crowley and Raphael are tricked; Cas gets his hands on the souls and something in his head fries (I assume) [75]

  • Dean and Bobby show up and get their assess handed to them; the Impala gets a beating; Cas lets Crowley get away and kills Raphael [76]; he then declares himself God and demands professions of love.

OVERALL THEMES: Monsters – Mother - Crowley, souls are important, nobody listens to/understands Cas, Cas being betrayed, Dean and family, Sam and Dean’s relationship, Dean being betrayed, Dean’s stressed, not asking for help

== End season ==

Finally, there are several threads that can be (and should be) handled in Season 7, and if the writers do this well, then the apparent lack of cohesion of this past season can be overlooked - at the very least, it wouldn't bother me as much. The threads, as I see them, are the following:
  • What will Cas do? What has he become? How do the souls work? How do they affect him, and to what degree?

  • What happened to the armies that the monsters had been setting up, with Mother dead/absorbed by Cas and at least two of them being leaderless (the vamps and the skinwalkers)?

  • What about Eve’s eggs?

  • What about monsters in general and their possible revenge on humanity/demons/angels, since they must have felt Eve die, and all three parties had been involved?

  • What will happen to Sam and his broken down wall in S7, since he didn’t look perfectly alright in 6x22?

  • What will happen to the angels in Heaven and the Apocalypse?

  • Will they do anything about Adam?

  • Will Death interfere to stop Cas? By emptying all of Purgatory and becoming something that’s as powerful as a god, I’m pretty sure he’s going against the Natural Order that Death looked so fond of.

[Final few notes here]



[1] Whatever that means. Is he stronger than he used to be or not? We know he isn’t stronger than Raphael; he makes his way through Hell alone, never mind that he botches Sam’s retrieval; he heals Dean and brings Bobby back to life – retrieving a soul (I assume the Reaper hadn’t come yet to take Bobby to Hell for that deal he’d made with Crowley, we know from 5x14 that sometimes it can take a while) and making someone be alive again all of a sudden and in a blink of an eye seems huge, but we have no idea if S4 Cas had been physically able to do it or not. He probably did, since we can assume he was also the one to bring Dean back to life after dragging his soul out of Hell, but there's no actual proof of it. Joshua puts Sam and Dean back in their bodies and brings them back to life in 5x16, for example, but we don’t know if there’s a difference in rank between Cas and Joshua in order to compare.

[2] He mentioned the stopping of the Apocalypse as a remarkable thing from the POV of going against the prophecy twice in 6x20.

[3] We know the first time it was God who brought him back (according to Joshua, 5x16), but we don’t know if that’s what happened the second time.

[4] He says in 6x20 that first he tries to get Sam out of Hell, and only then goes to Heaven. I assume the reason Cas was invisible when Sam stalked away from the Braeden house was so that he could witness Sam and Dean’s reunion, pat himself on the back, then go back to Heaven and either a) enjoy the ability to do so (he’d been cut off for a year, oh the pain!) or b) see if his help was needed, etc.

Sam was deposited in "that field", presumably meaning Stull, where he originally fell (as per Robo!Sam in 6x01 and 6x07). Since Sam walking away was the first inkling Cas should have gotten of something being wrong (if that’s what he means by: Sometimes we’re lucky to be given a warning. This should have been mine, in 6x20), I also assume Sam behaved like Sam would have done up to the moment he left Dean behind. Which is why I assume that Sam went directly to Dean after being risen.

[5] Did Cas know from the very beginning that Sam didn’t have a soul? I’m still not entirely sure. The After supposedly saving Sam I went to Heaven line can imply both that he found out later and was speaking in hindsight, and that he knew from the start. The Sometimes we’re lucky to be given a warning. This should have been mine line could be interpreted in various ways – either Cas knew from the start and mentions Sam as the first example of the bad consequences of hubris (him thinking he was strong enough to get Sam out of Hell whole), or he didn’t know from the start, and the warning he mentioned referred to the fact that Sam left Dean behind, and Cas should have known right then and there that something was wrong with Sam, only he didn’t investigate. Taking into account what 6x20 was about, and the fact that Cas singles out being proud as his worst failing, I would say that the line had the first meaning – so Cas did know.

Plot-wise, if Cas did know about Sam missing his soul, then he lied to Dean all through the first half of the season, and lied very convincingly when he looked for Sam’s soul and discovered it was missing, and watched Dean suffer and stew and worry his brains out about what was wrong with Sam.

But, well, he did the latter whether he knew about the soul or not, since he didn’t offer any answers as to how Sam got out of Hell, which would have put Dean’s worries to rest at least a little. And whether Cas knew about Sam’s soul or not, I don’t understand why he didn’t tell Dean the truth, since any questions from Dean about what went wrong wouldn’t have led to the connection between Cas and Crowley. Especially since by not telling Dean what happened, and by eventually letting Dean think that Crowley got Sam out, he inadvertently made sure that Dean would want to stop Crowley or just discover what he was hiding, and that would have been kind of bad for Cas, right? /end sarcasm

If Cas didn’t know about Sam’s missing soul, then… well that doesn’t make any sense. He can touch a body in 5x14 to see that the soul is still there, and he can see demons’ twisted souls at a look, and he can look into Dean’s soul and see what he’s feeling (that latter part isn’t just fanon, right? Right? Do 4x01 and 4x22 support that idea canonically, or was Cas speaking metaphorically?) So how could he have missed Sam’s missing soul the moment he saw him?

[personal profile] janice_lester suggests that maybe Cas has trained himself not to look? To quote: He’s around Sam a lot, and perhaps because of the demon influence Sam’s soul is ugly, so he’s trained himself to see only the surface? Which would also explain how he kisses Meg and doesn’t register disgust, and how he deals with Crowley and doesn’t register disgust (whereas, say, Uriel couldn’t seem to stop noticing and commenting on that kind of thing). But then you have to explain why he wouldn’t make an exception when investigating something weird about Sam. He’s not stupid. Is the possibility of soulessness so remote that it wouldn’t occur to him? What if he’s hoping that Sam has at least a little soul left in him--perhaps not enough for an angel to see, but enough for him to be human and go to Heaven when he dies? Perhaps until he actually sticks his hand in Sam’s chest he can’t be sure that Sam is completely soul-free?

I’m still leaning towards the fact that Cas knew about Sam’s missing soul. This would explain why he looked so broken up about it in 6x06 when he told Dean that he didn’t know anything about Sam, and why he didn’t offer any answers about what was wrong with Sam later on either, even though he said he’d making inquiries. It took Veritas saying that Sam wasn’t human and Sam admitting that he didn’t feel anything for Cas to pull out the big reveal, probably because Dean wouldn’t have taken the entire thing remains mysterious as an answer anymore, and also because it didn’t take an amazing leap of logic to assume there was something wrong with Sam’s soul if he didn’t feel anything.

There’s one thing I don’t understand, though - why didn’t Cas tell Dean that he resurrected Sam in the first place, missing soul and all? What, was he ashamed? Was the excuse he gave for not bringing up the War in Heaven (in 6x03) actually meant to refer to Sam as well, like a blanket apology? I might understand not coming clean later on, because Sam met up with Samuel and they started working together, and Samuel had been brought back by Crowley and was working for him in order to find Purgatory (though Samuel didn’t know the latter, I assume), and Cas might have thought that Dean would think that Cas brought Sam back for Crowley’s purposes, or at the very least would be able to make the connection between Cas and Crowley so much faster. But why didn’t he say anything earlier, before the Crowley debacle began? …Maybe Cas thought he’d have the time to fix it later (he had to discover how to fix it first, after all) and didn’t want to tell Dean anything until Sam was okay? But then the War started and Cas got caught in it?

But how could he have fixed Sam, anyway? The only way to do that would be to somehow go back to Hell and bring a soul out of the Cage without freeing Michael or Lucifer, when the flesh part (which the Cage might not have been designed to keep imprisoned, therefore making it possible for Cas to pull at least that part out) had been difficult enough. Cas had nowhere near that kind of power or knowledge. So Cas would basically be a little stuck – doesn’t want to tell Dean until he fixes it, but he doesn’t know how to fix it. Then the War starts. Then Sam eventually meets up with Samuel, and as the time passes it’s more and more difficult for Cas to say something about it at all.

And [personal profile] janice_lester puts her finger on what I’d vaguely wondered about but hadn’t zeroed-in on, specifically: Oh, God. He surely can’t be hoping that he’ll find Purgatory and get himself all doped up on monster souls and strong enough to raid the Cage before he’s forced to tell Sam and Dean about Sam’s soul? That would be... so very human... I’d first wondered if maybe part of the reason he was teaching free will to angels would be to get a few friends on his side to raid the Cage together (even without God’s/their superiors’ orders), but this is so much better. ↩ (5) or ↩ (39)

[6] Cas implies that time passes differently in Heaven than on Earth, with the air-quotes he used when he said he’d been fighting for “year” in 6x03. This is more or less supported by the fact that in 6x20 he says he spends the first weeks teaching angels free will, and then comes Raphael with his ultimatum. It could be just me, but that makes me think of a few weeks; if it had been longer, he’d have said those first months, right? So that’s a few Heaven-weeks since Sam died in Swan Song, which should have happened within six months from the events of Abandon All Hope, according to the SPNwiki, which should have happened in Nov 2009 (again, according to the SPNwiki). This makes Cas’s resurrection of Sam happen no later than May 2010. Dean’s raking leaves when Cas goes to see him; assuming that leaves start to fall in September in that part of America, those few weeks in Heaven were equivalent to no more than four months on Earth. Either by a few weeks Cas meant about 15 weeks, in which case Heaven-time and Earth-time are the same (which means that Cas simply over-used the air-quotes in 6x03), or time in Heaven goes by just a bit slower than on Earth (so the opposite of Hell). I’ve seen that written in several fics – was it ever mentioned in canon before, and I missed it? How much time passed when Sam and Dean were sent to Heaven to look for Joshua? Was it ever stated?

Another explanation would be that the writers messed up and never actually wondered about the time dilemma very much *shrug*

[7] And well, since Raphael doesn’t need Dean anymore because Michael already has a vessel (and it’s possible that consent once given is given forever, so Lucifer wouldn’t need to persuade Sam anymore), there’s precious little that Dean can do to help; it’s really a battle between angels, so what’s the point of dragging him through so much grief when he can’t do anything about it?

Also, keep in mind that in the beginning Cas didn’t have the resources to mount a war, so he was basically looking at Dean raking leaves and not wanting to disturb him while 90% sure that he’ll be dead by the end of a Heaven-day. Yeah. or ↩ (to note [18])

[8] Crowley is absolutely brilliant at it. He not only brings up the idea of Cas being God’s Favourite (which the other angels had mentioned and probably kept mentioning), but he also takes advantage of Cas’s sense of duty (which Cas is still all about; in 5x22 he tells Dean that he’s going back to Heaven because it’s probably chaos up there – it’s a task he takes on himself, and Dean’s the one who mentions him being a Sheriff up there, when Cas had possibly only thought of helping to straighten things out and possibly improve them (see: the free will classes)) and of his love of Sam and Dean (who would be involved in the Apocalypse again if Cas didn’t interfere), separates Cas’s new rebellion from Lucifer’s by stressing that Cas loves God (which, btw, Lucifer also did, according to him) and is probably doing what God wanted all along, since he was brought back again after dying, offers Cas the means to not die again (and also stop the Apocalypse from restarting for now) by putting forward the 50.000 souls, and tops it off by very gently appealing to Cas’s pride that he would be the one to save them, just as God may have always intended. Genius.

Also, how lucky was Crowley, to be the only person in the position to offer Cas timely, usable, competent help at the time? Did he watch Cas for a long while ever since the Apocalypse ended, to be there exactly at the right time? Was he watching him and Dean in the car at the end of 5x22, since Crowley used the Sheriff line as well? Also, he clearly knew that Sam had been risen, but maybe by being, you know, the new King of Hell, he felt it when Cas made his way into Hell and towards the Cage… did he maybe ease Cas’s way along (to have Sam available for hunting later on), without Cas’s knowing, or was he too busy taking charge to do that? Did Crowley’s efforts at taking charge of Hell make things easier on Cas, at least his journey toward the Cage? (easier in the sense that he was able to do it on his own, didn’t need the Host of Heaven for it)

[9] Do we even know if they’d been in him all along, or if he just used them like he did Bobby’s? If the first, could they have been messing a tiny bit with his mind from the very beginning?

[10] Did Samuel approach Sam after being risen? After finding the other Campbells? (and how did he get them to trust him, anyway?) Did Crowley find Sam and direct Samuel to him? How uncomfortable was Cas at Sam being pulled into the monster hunt? He was entirely opposed to the idea that Dean would help find Purgatory, I’m pretty sure it was the same for Sam, but then again Crowley thinks it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Maybe Sampa just wanted to find his family, seeing as the Campbells were a clan of hunters, and he’d be among hunters, and of course he’d hunt, what else would he do? And since he probably remembered what happened to his daughter, he’d want to find out what happened to her. Or maybe he didn’t remember, but still wanted to find her. And then he did his research and found out about the fire and how she died, and about John, and that Sam and Dean were alive, and maybe he went from hunter to hunter getting information about them, finding out that they were hunters too; they were officially dead after Jus in Bello, but hunters knew they were alive. And somehow he finds Sam (HOW? doesn’t Sam use aliases and leave no tracks? It wasn’t through Bobby, because Bobby and Samuel hadn’t met before 6x16, and I kind of doubt Bobby would offer info about Sam to a random hunter after the boys got killed by two random hunters in 5x16).

Was Crowley there when Samuel woke up, told him everything about Mary, smoothed things over until Samuel made the deal? Or did Samuel make the deal in Hell? I’ll take you out of here and save your daughter if you just do a little thing for me, which really doesn’t go against your training and instincts either *smirk* Either way, it’s not inconceivable that, after Samuel woke up, he went: Where’s my daughter? Dead? Oh, she married and had children? Where are they? And Crowley would, of course, tell the man where they were – having the boys find Purgatory had been the original plan, after all. And then Samuel finds Dean and sees that he’s retired, or he finds Sam first and Sam tells him Dean’s retired, so Samuel doesn’t bother him (either because he thinks Dean’s lost his edge, or out of common decency). And Sam continues to hunt with Samuel because… I don’t know. Better resources. More efficient.

Either way, I’m guessing that after Sam and Samuel started working together it wasn’t like Cas could have interfered, and Sam had made his own choice in working with the man. But could Cas have been indirectly pissed at Samuel for bringing Sam into the mix? He acted rather confrontational towards Sampa the first time they meet on-screen, and if he knew that he was working for Crowley and indirectly serving Cas’s purposes as well, then the disapproval he showed towards Samuel for that very reason would have been just an act (unless Cas is really conflicted, accepting that he’s fallen in the muck and still wanting humanity/the Winchesters to be squeaky clean – see 6x10 and him asking why they’re working with Meg and her henchmen, the abominations; also, we know that Cas didn’t really accept that what he was doing threw him in the muck, so maybe he disapproves of Samuel on principle) and Cas doesn’t lie outright very well. The “scrawny” jab shouldn’t have been enough to make him pissy. So maybe he was angry at Samuel for bringing Sam into the mix.

[personal profile] janice_lester suggests that this may be the first time he realised who Crowley meant when he said he had someone he could pull in off the bench. Also, a Sampa resurrected after ~35 years in the ground might strike Cas as a Very Wrong Thing in itself; or maybe angels can tell who’s made deals with devils and he could disapprove of Sampa for that reason. I think Cas might have known Samuel was working for Crowley, because at the very least it would explain how Cas “didn’t notice” that Christian was a demon. Also, if making a deal leaves a mark on the soul (as Crowley suggests in 6x04), then how could Cas have overlooked it when he checked Samuel’s soul in 6x10? You could say that he was just checking that the soul was there, but he could have done that with a touch (as per 5x14); the soul-cavity-search was meant for more in depth checks, and it could be used to read markers (as per 6x03). So Cas most likely knew that Samuel was involved, and could have disliked him for that very reason. Also, I wonder if Cas’s dislike of him might have increased when Sam and Samuel went and found Dean (granted, for Dean’s own benefit, if they hadn’t, he’d be dead… unless Cas had interfered, but whatever, Cas might have missed it, War, busy, that sort of thing), making things more complicated/risky.

[11] Interesting how the Sam-and-Dean dynamic has been turned on its head these first few episodes. It’s Dean who leaves hunting behind to have a normal life (as Samuel puts it) and Sam’s who’s been hunting on his own; it’s Dean who’s trying to get Sam to talk about Hell and Sam who refuses to (well, it’s probably because he doesn’t remember, but whatever, we didn’t know that at the time); other people were making huge decisions for Dean without him knowing.

[12] Which was the first clue that something was wrong with the guy, because how could he have found out about it? Unless Sam told him, which is also a first clue that something’s wrong with Sam. Also, upon re-watch I realised that Samuel giving Christian the baby to raise was quite probably him handing the baby over to Crowley, since Christian was all demon-ed up (even though Samuel supposedly didn’t known about it, according to his reaction in 6x07).

[13] News of the Weapons would be great for Cas because he’s fighting a losing war, and maybe his followers are getting antsy too – I mean, Cas started off able to smite Raphael; what happened, Fearless Leader, they might be asking, now you’re getting your ass kicked all the time, we keep losing, what’s going on? So either for the sake of staving off Raphael until he and Crowley get to Purgatory, or to save face and not risk uncomfortable questions, or, as [personal profile] janice_lester suggests, to give his angel followers, who can’t smite Raphael and never could, some defence against him, the weapons would be awesome for Cas.

What is something of a plot-whole, though, is the fact that no one seems to be using the Weapons. Except for Balthazar (trading the Staff of Moses, using the gem to turn Raphael’s host into salt, having that knife ready to kill Fate). As [personal profile] janice_lester puts it, although Cas’s “Whoever has the weapons wins the War” line is literally true, because Cas ultimately sees the Purgatory souls as weapons, the weapons he seems to be talking about here, the stolen ones, are Chekhov’s Gun, basically, aren’t they? Cas wants them and Raphael wants them, but does anyone actually ever use them?

[14] Which is technically a perfect remark from Cas to Sam considering the fact that Cas got the both of them out of Hell; apparently he likes Dean a little better

[15] Is it easier for him to lie to Sam’s face because he knows Sam isn’t himself, so he’s not actually lying to him? Or that at least this Sam wouldn’t care? Is Cas’s “What part of I don’t know escapes your understanding?” his way of putting an end to this uncomfortable conversation? And did Sam really call Cas or not, what with Sam looking shifty when he mentioned it (and if Sam tried praying, did it even work for him when he was soulless? See [37])

Also, Was it God? Sam asks; hello, foreshadowing! (though we now know the writers told Misha they were going to kill Cas in the finale, so maybe not, but whatever)

[16] Cas was moving so freakin’ fast this episode, and I thought it was awesome, that he was finally able to move in Cas-time, and ooooh, so great, we get to see it, I’d been waiting for this - and now it makes so much more sense; Cas was trying to cover stuff up, he wanted to get out of there, as fast as possible, because he’s a bad liar and he knows it, and because he doesn’t want to lie to the boys to their faces, and maybe even because Sam was living proof of his mistakes, and sjdfashkjdghdhahgshaha

[17] How appropriate that it’s happening while he’s examining a kid’s soul. I don’t know what it says about me that I thought it was okay or at least understandable for Cas to do that check-up, even with the pain/torture; they needed the info, the info was instrumental in winning the War (or at least, in hindsight, prolonging it enough so that Cas could get his hands on the souls), the boy wasn’t killed or permanently maimed, it lasted a few seconds, and Cas was clearly unhappy with having to do it. I think the latter made me be okay with it – after all, he was ready to kill the young and still innocent Antichrist because it was necessary in S5, even though he wasn’t happy about it, and I doubted that he would have changed his approach to things, being turned into an action-figure or not. I mean, Cas has always been all about the bigger picture, ever since 4x02, nothing new there, so nothing to worry me. Except for the fact that he looked haunted as he said that it needed to be done, harried and ragged (props to Misha’s expressive face) instead of righteous and certain.

This was the first time something he was doing in this War could be judged by the Winchesters (well, by Dean. Sam wasn’t really there at the moment), and Cas was found wanting, and it was such a little thing compared to the big ugly truth.

[18] Everybody keeps misunderstanding Cas. His followers don’t get the concept of free will, probably don’t understand why Cas is trying to stop the Apocalypse, but go along with him because he was saved by God twice and he’s probably the new Favourite. God’s Instrument. The angels who don’t follow him don’t even want to listen, and so Castiel is damned to keep killing his brothers, which he’s been doing ever since 5x01. Did he try to reason with them at first? How many times did he draw out the fights so he could try to reach them? Because in 6x03 he must know his brother won’t pause for reason, Cas’s plea that he do that is just him going through the motions, he’s throwing the sword and aiming for the kill even as he speaks. But back to the misunderstandings. So, his followers don’t get it, his enemies don’t get it (hell, even Raphael might think that he’s doing it for other reasons than just to save the Earth (and the Winchesters)), Balthazar doesn’t get it (free will, that is), the boys probably don’t get it now and will refuse to get it in the end (that he has to do regrettable things), nobody gets it, nobody wants to listen. And Cas can’t tell any of them what’s going on because he’ll lose their support and Raphael would then stop him before he gets to Purgatory, and then Raphael will destroy the world. So basically Cas has been alone from the very beginning, he just hasn’t noticed it (maybe? we hope?). Basically, there was only Crowley there, and Cas hates him, and hates that he has to work with him (apart from the things Cas says, are you telling me he’s not 100% truthful in the satisfaction he derives from burning Crowley’s faux-bones?).

And it’ll keep going like that all season. Cas keeps trying to emphasize the fact that he’s in the middle of a War, not just to explain why he isn’t there for the Winchesters that often, but also to create some semblance of understanding for what he’s going through, how important it is, the lengths he has to go to, so that eventually when the boys find out what he’d been doing they might, maybe, understand. The problem is that this is the only thing he tells them. That there’s a War happening. He never asks for their help, and with the War not affecting them directly (while they’re busy with their own problems, such as Sam), Cas’s words eventually become repetitive noise, something that fades in the background. Never mind that if Raphael wins they will be affected (well, Sam might be, see [7]), Cas has been feeding them that line and that line only for long enough that the whole situation feels academic. Hell, that’s how I felt as a viewer, and when Dean shouts at Cas in 6x15 that he hasn’t told them anything about what’s going on, looking so damn frustrated and tired of it all (Jensen’s so damn awesome) - especially since look, they’d just been the angels’ playthings again, only this time for something they’d had no idea about; and yes, they’d never really asked, but Cas hadn’t told them anything either - I actually felt satisfied/justified. But Cas still didn’t say anything even then. Thinking about it now, it can be said that he’d been hiding things all season, and 6x20 shouldn’t have come as that big of a surprise.

Also, Balthazar and Cas have fought together countless times; Balthazar says they’re brothers, as far as he’s concerned, nothing’s changed, of course he wants to help Cas – but when Cas asks for the weapons, Balthazar refuses point-blank; hello, later parallel with Dean’s words, from Cas’s POV? Is “brother” an empty word for Cas, now? If it hadn’t been already, considering he’d been killing and had been almost killed by his brothers for two “years” now? Three by the time Dean calls him “brother” too. (It needs to be mentioned, I first came across the insight/revelation that “brother” doesn’t mean to Cas what it means to Dean in saucery's incredible essay, The Darkest Hour, which you should go and read right now if you haven’t already)

Balthazar also tries to instil in Cas his cynical view of the world, the same that Cas has kept hearing for a while, all through S5 and who knows for how long in S6: that God’s not coming back, that it’ll never be over, never be alright. And after all that, he says once again that he’s happy to see Cas before leaving him to handle Raphael and his goons alone. Sure, he comes back and saves Cas when it matters, but does the feeling of a friend saying empty words of affection to him before leaving him alone stay with Cas?

[19] While this is obviously a ret-con’d write-in, it does make sense. Demons were originally souls who got twisted after centuries in Hell, and if (salting and) burning the bones gets rid of a ghost, it could logically get rid of the resulting demon as well. Also, the reason why the boys and/or Bobby haven’t used this method before is because you have to figure out who the demon used to be first, then find out where they’re buried. Tough thing to do, much easier to exorcise or knife them. I’m curious how Bobby found the bones of the first demon he torched, though…

[20] Guys, he was so damn sad because Dean was working himself into a frenzy about Sam, and Cas couldn’t say a word! And by not helping in any way (and looking (to Dean) like he only pretended to care, by saying he was making inquiries but not coming up with any results) he was making Dean feel even worse. It’s horrible – he can’t not show up, because he’d be losing Dean (as a friend, as something more, take your pick), but when he shows up he can’t do a thing to help, which Dean interprets as not caring enough to help anyway (What happened, man? You used to be human! Or at least act like one! Silly Dean, he’s made a deal with the devil, that’s as human as you get. And he made the deal to make sure you and your brother (and the world, sure, yeah, but you and your brother) are safe; that’s as Winchester as you get). And he looks so torn up about it, and almost mute, like there’s a bag-full of words behind his teeth but he can’t get them out, or doesn’t want to, because it would ruin everything, it’s the worst possible move, strategically and relationship-wise and everything, and agh, my heart!

And oh, was Misha amazing in that scene. I’d like to know how much direction he got for that scene, if he knew about Sam, if he was only told that he had a big secret he couldn’t share with Dean, something that would make Dean hate him. I WANT SOMEONE TO ASK HIM WHAT HE’D BEEN TOLD WHEN HE FILMED THAT SCENE. WHEN’S THE NEXT CONVENTION?

[21] Is Cas indirectly/subconsciously trying to make Dean ask about what he’s doing? Does he want Dean to question him? Is he still uneasy with his plan? Sadly, Dean is too tied up in Sam’s problems to notice (if we think about it, he hasn’t been unworried about Sam since the end of S1 when John dumped the world on Dean’s shoulders before dying; in S2 there was the secret Dean kept for a while and trying to stop Azazel, then selling his soul for Sam; in S3 there were occasional thoughts of leaving Sam alone after he died; in S4 there was the demon-blood debacle, in S5 there was Dean not trusting Sam anymore for a long time after the Apocalypse started, and 5x16, in which Dean was hit over the head with the fact that Sam didn’t think of family the way Dean did; and then Sam went to Hell for all eternity; in S6 Sam came back, but from the moment he returned Dean felt lied to (because Sam didn’t tell Dean that he was alive) and didn’t entirely trust Sam/that Sam was Sam, that he came back right (remember that in S2 Azazel also told Dean that Sam hadn’t come back right), and in only a few weeks Dean’s suspicions were proved right), and Cas doesn’t come clean properly.

[22] Either he’s hurried and harried because of the War, or he’s also trying to get away from Dean as quickly as possible in order to a) cut down on the chances that Dean/the boys might question him and he’ll have to lie to them to their faces; b) ensure they don’t get involved in his War.

[23] As gorgeous (and excited-backstory-producing, for me) as this moment is (and see here a lovely interpretation of why and how it looks so damn intimate), I have to wonder - might Cas actively be trying to screw up Dean's attention, to make sure that Dean might not notice details/that Cas is lying? Because we all (Cas included) know how bad a liar he is?

[24] Everyone hoping for Gabriel’s return is disappointed. ↩ (first appearance) or ↩ (second appearance)

[25] Cas asking Sam what he remembers could be him covering his tracks.

[26] Which is finally explained when Cas is revealed to have been working with Crowley; also, I assume that Christian told Crowley about the angel-cavity-search – I wonder how Crowley liked that bit. I wonder if Cas and Crowley Had Words every time Cas helped the boys.

[27] Personally, this is when Cas’s “I’m in the middle of a war” line starts to sound a bit like background noise; YMMV, of course.

[28] And yet still wants to turn him, saying that Sam will be a perfect animal that way. I’m curious, how does turning into a vampire work? When does the human soul which qualifies one for Heaven or Hell turn so that the vampire goes to Purgatory? Is it after the new vampire feeds on human blood for the first time (and how does that work anyway), which would explain why new vamps can be turned back only if they haven’t fed yet? (Is it the same for werewolves, if John’s legend were to work?) And what would have happened if, say, Robo!Sam got turned into a vampire, fed, then his soul got back in his body (technically untainted by the feeding); if Souled!Vamp!Sam died then, would his soul go to Heaven or Hell, or would it go to Purgatory?

[29] And since the boys were working with/for Samuel, they’d been working for Crowley ever since; at least that’s the way he puts it. I’d like to see Cas and Crowley talk about that little aspect of it.

[30] Samuel, at least, believes that Crowley pulled Sam out of Hell as well, and I assume that it’s what Crowley told him. Does this imply that Crowley sent Samuel towards Sam? Because otherwise Sam wouldn’t have known that Samuel was even alive, so one way or another their hunting together must have started from Samuel. So… did Crowley ensure that Samuel meet Sam? And if so, whyyyyyy (see [31])

[31] Might Cas be twitching behind the scenes? And why in God’s name did Crowley even do that? I know at first he wanted Dean (and Sam, maybe) to do his Alpha-hunting, but now he has Samuel, who’s much easier to manipulate, and who apparently knows much more about hunting, and who’s also very good at what he does. Why would Crowley be crazy enough to want to complicate matters and risk having the boys around? (we know from 6x20 that he thinks they’re freakin’ dangerous)

Was his big reveal, in fact, a salvaging operation? Because naturally once Dean found out about Sam missing his soul he started sniffing around Samuel as the only available lead, and since they’d ultimately discover that Sampa was working with Crowley the man demon could have decided that it’s better to have the upper hand and choose when to reveal himself and what to tell them (thereby ensuring that at least for now they didn’t know what he was actually planning). And then he staged his fake death after an appropriate amount of time (in which he also benefited from the boys’ services); had that been the plan all along, or did Crowley make it up as he went along? ↩ (30) or ↩ (31)

[32] Sam does this based on reason and cold hard fact and the least-of-all-evils, play-along-for-now-then-turn-the-tables reasoning Robo!Sam usually applies, which the show suggests comes mostly as a result of Sam not having a soul and not really looking at things from the emotional perspective. At which point I’d like to point out that Cas doesn’t have a soul either, and angels have been designed/expected since their creation to not act on feelings/ignore emotions because they affect their judgement/makes them doubt. Yep.

[33] I think this is the moment when Dean really realises what it would be like not to feel a thing – Sam mentions the good things that come from it (more efficient, you get the job done and nothing really hurts), but Dean can clearly see the downside in everything that Sam is right now.

[34] I do love how the show has turned Sam and Dean’s attitudes on their heads (in certain aspects), and still managed to do it believably (in the circumstances).

[35] Which makes me wonder what would happen if they ever came back; would any leprechaun/fairy do, in the sense that any of them would have a claim on Dean?

[36] I wonder if Cas and Meg (and Crowley) were in on the whole thing together, because the timing is just brilliant, it’s a greatopportunity for Cas and Crowley. Conveniently, Crowley can disappear and continue his torture-research in peace; the boys learn that Crowley can’t help them get Sam’s soul back after all, and as a result have an added motive to stop sniffing around whatever Crowley’d got planning. So things go back to normal, and Cas doesn’t have to hyperventilate at the boys being too close (if he ever had).

Otherwise, did Cas see Crowley behind the scenes at one point, to let him know they were coming, and plan the little acting job with the fake bones? And was this one of Cas’s mistakes that Crowley mentioned he kept fixing?

[37] There’s no sound for his wings; in hindsight, that suggests that Cas had been watching Sam and Dean and decided to show himself when Sam mentioned the weapon. This might also finally explain how Cas could have heard Sam praying if Sam didn’t have a soul – he didn’t hear the prayer, he just heard Sam talking. ↩ (15) or ↩ (37)

[38] His attitude throughout 6x10 is interesting, in that he looks entirely earnest in his disgust at the presence of Meg and her posse, as well as the idea of Sam and Dean working with Meg (interestingly, he hadn’t said anything about the boys working for Crowley. Maybe the show just didn’t bring it up, but maybe Cas didn’t want to open that can of worms. Or he just felt too hypocritical to berate them for that when he was doing the same thing? Or did he see a difference between being forced to work for a demon (look at it as a hostage situation), and agreeing to work with one? And ah, the Meg incident. Somehow, though I can’t really put my finger on why, Cas kissing Meg seems less out of left field in hindsight. The added stress/time-consuming activities involved in playing a double-agent apart from fighting his War could have made him incredibly freakin’ tired and strung-out. Could he have gotten fed up with Meg’s sass (which was piled on top of Crowley’s snark and sass and insinuations; and how many times might Crowley have made fun of the fact that they have a deal but there wasn’t a kiss - at least I assume there wasn’t, it wasn’t necessary and I doubt it would have worked since Cas doesn’t have a soul; of course, that wouldn’t stop Crowley from ribbing Cas about it), so he just goes fuck it all and lays one on her?

Oh and there’s the porn-scene. Does hindsight give it any kind of added interpretation? I can’t really think of any, but I’m open for suggestions. For one, Cas is watching the porn and not stopping; what happened to the Cas that wanted so desperately to get out of the brothel because he shouldn’t have been there? Does he think that iniquity is with the perks (yes, I went there), now that he’s no longer part of Club Righteous and Unsullied (yes, I went there again)? And would this explanation work for him kissing Meg as well? ↩ (first mention) or ↩ (second mention)

[39] My head-canon has Cas not being comfortable with the boys working for Crowley, because on the one hand they’ll get very close to finding out about his deal with Cas, and on the other there’s the fact of them being in danger by simply being part of the whole finding-Purgatory-to-defeat-Raphael mess; because either the monsters would get them (they’re hunting for things high on the food-chain, that means greater danger than the average hunt), or Raphael could sniff out the fact that they’re involved and then decide to wipe them out. Now, Dean and Sam are working for Crowley because they think that he can get Sam’s soul back; Cas could want them as far away from Crowley as possible (to keep hiding the secret, and to keep them safe). So maybe that might be why he starts mentioning how tattered Sam’s soul is, that it could kill Sam to get it back; they’re legitimate concerns, of course, and I do think he’s honest in his worry about Sam’s chances when Dean gets Sam’s soul back via Death (in a completely non-Crowley-related way, after Crowley had been killed, so Cas should have been okay with that), but at least part of his motivation might be wanting Dean to stop wanting to get Sam’s soul back (at least for now), therefore stop working for Crowley; ‘specially since Cas knows that Crowley can’t do it.

Also, there’s this:
Dean: Look, we get it back. And if there are complications, then we will figure out a way to deal about those too!
Cas: Of course. Or we fail. And Sam suffers horrifically

In hindsight, Cas is talking from experience here, because he did go into Hell guns blazing and made a mess of things, and still hasn’t fixed them since (and I don’t think he’s lying about not knowing how to fix them either, at least not easily, because he would have fixed it in the first place if he’d known how. Right? Also, see [5b])

[40] Which is partly why he made the deal in S2 without really caring about anything, partly why he never once listened to Sam’s rationalizations at the end of S4, partly why they were handling run of the mill hunts with the Apocalypse happening in S5, partly why he never really considered Apocalypse 2.0 and instead focused on stopping Cas from opening Purgatory.

[41] And that choice was obvious for Dean, because Dean obviously cares about Sam more than he does about Adam (not to mention the fact that you don’t bargain with Death, not when you’re, you know, actually already bargaining, and hoping to God he’ll be decent enough to let you go back once your conversation’s over). I wish the show had acknowledged that Adam was also stuck in Hell more often, and I would love it if he was set free somehow. I like Adam and love how he was brought up, but him being Dean’s half-brother doesn’t automatically mean that Dean (or Sam) cares about him, just how it didn’t mean he’d care about Samuel.

Also, they met for a short period of time in unhappy circumstances, and Adam is also not someone Dean would like under normal circumstances: eeep, Dad cheated on Mom’s memory; …or well, no, one night stand, whatever (though several pages of John’s diary had been torn around the time Adam was conceived; that implies something more); eeeeep, Dad took Adam for baseball games for his birthdays, oh God, painful daddy issues; …or well, no, apparently that was mostly the ghoul speaking and Dad showed up once a year, and Adam couldn’t stand him; okay, feeling a bit better about this, kind of. And then Adam MAKES A DEAL WITH AN ANGEL and agrees to be Michael’s vessel (what? You think Dean’s psyche wouldn’t see that a little bit like a betrayal, never mind that the kid didn’t know what he was doing? Didn’t at least some of the viewers think the same at the time? For at least a little while? Of course it makes sense from Adam’s POV, I mean he’s basically doing it for his mom, the way Dean’s going against the angels for his brother, but yeah; whatever) thereby potentially destroying half the world or more, but not before Dean and Sam have to go in there and save the little idiot, risking everything in the process, and yes, of course Dean feels some (possibly a huge amount of) guilt about the whole thing, but in a choice between Sam and Adam he’ll ALWAYS choose Sam. Period.

And with everything going on around him (Sam’s alive! Wait, I’m a vampire now and harming my secondary family, HELP! Wait, no, Sam could be the Devil! Wait, no, Sam has no soul! Wait, we’re beholden to Crowley! Wait, my brother could die any second or go insane or whatnot! Wait, The Mother of All Monsters has been set loose on Earth! Wait, Cas is a lying liar who lies to me/us and is in cahoots with Crowley! Wait, Crowley kidnapped Lisa and Ben! Wait, Sam’s wall collapsed, asdgjasdgs! Wait, Cas overdosed on souls and now thinks he’s God!), Dean will either a) focus on Sam; or b) not do anything about Adam because he really doesn’t know how; he lost any leverage he had with Death (who was the one to make him choose anyway, Dean had gone in there asking for both of them), angels can’t help, Crowley the King of Hell can’t help either; and then bigger problems start (like Mother and Cas and Crowley) so yeah.

TL;DR: The show could have handled Adam better, but I don’t think the way they went about it was inexcusable.

[42] Then Dean goes and gets Sam’s soul back, ignoring Cas’s earlier recommendation not to do it (at least not to do it without proper deliberation; in my head-cannon, I assume that Cas had thought that, after he won the War and had the entire resources of Heaven at his disposal, he could plan and man a proper salvage operation, and maybe find a way to mend Sam’s soul as well; if he didn’t win the War it didn’t matter anyway, ‘cause Raphael would start the Apocalypse and use Sam and Dean/Michael and it wouldn’t matter anyway) and quite possibly killing Sam in the process or making him insane. And Cas cares about Sam, you guys! And by the way, here is the second time when he and Dean don’t see eye to eye about a specific topic (the first being in 6x03), only this time it’s Dean who acts. Also, it’s a situation when Dean doesn’t listen.

Then Sam is okay, and Cas is so happy and relieved and yes! His mistake was fixed! And he goes to hug Sam, you guys! (What prompted the physicality, by the way?) But Sam doesn’t hug back because that would be awkward… WHY? I’m still not sure.Was it just normal awkwardness, and Sam being out of it, and the fact that he and Cas were friends but they’d never been that close? Or was it because Sam was feeling a little guilty from the fact that he was going to grill Cas for information and basically trick him to do it?

[43] There’s absolutely no sense in Cas not killing Raphael at that time, if he could; so I choose to believe that Cas was in fact bluffing, and that he couldn’t have killed Raphael even with the Weapons. So either they were less powerful than Cas had originally thought (whoever has the Weapons wins the War is what he said, both to Sam and Dean and to Balthazar), or Cas was using them as decoys and/or explanations for where he’d got the power after he got his hands on the souls (possibly, Crowley took too long in finding Purgatory and Cas got his hands on the Weapons first)

Also, I’ve noticed that the only times when Cas threatens and/or asks someone to leave is when he’s in fact bluffing: in 5x01 he had no power over Zachariah, but frightened him with the fact that God had brought him back; in Heaven and Hell he tells Alistair and his demons to leave (did he have an inkling that Alistair was too strong and couldn’t be exorcised? Or did he just want to avoid fighting the demons so he could focus on getting Anna?); in On the Head of a Pin he tells/orders/threatens Anna to go, when he hadn’t in fact wanted to kill her (or at least that’s how I read the situation).

[44] He says he’ll tell them everything, soon; it’s possible he realises Crowley will find a way into Purgatory soon (now that at least Mother’s out; they must have felt it, right? And if Cas was spying on the boys he could have found out about Eve the moment they did) and he’ll have to explain things, even if only to say goodbye. Also, because Raphael has consolidated his forces, Cas’ll have to take some drastic measures (like, say, create 50.000 souls from scratch to stall him/smite him again, even if it’s temporary), especially if the Weapons are ineffective.

That said, whether it’s through Crowley’s discovery of Purgatory (which is more within reach than before) or through the desperate measures that Cas will have to take via the newly made souls, he will have to go nuclear again, and the reality of the situation is becoming clearer and clearer now; except for that first smiting job, which was born out of desperation and a need to create a solution by using (nuclear-powered) duct tape and bubblegum, Cas has probably not been fighting dirty by angelic standards; but now that shit just got real he’ll have to really get his feathers dirty, one way or another, and the thought might be weighing him down. And then there’s the reality of telling the boys everything – he’s starting to prep for it, by, for example, having them remember the AU in 6x17 and what he’d done for them (though that could seriously have backfired because really, 50.000 souls dead/unborn (and Jo and Ellen unsaved) just for them? Christ, that’s heavy and scary news right there).

[45] Okay, we assume Balthazar un-sunk the Titanic at Cas’s request (since he was there with a knife, ready to kill Fate), but did he know why Cas needed him to do that? Since he was ready to handle Fate, Cas must have told him that it was important to keep the world the way it was in the AU, or that the AU’s consequences were relevant to the War, but how much did he know?

He found out later that Cas was working with Crowley (presumably after 6x20), and he was surprised when he found out about the plan to open Purgatory. Re: the latter – was he surprised that Cas was using so much power, or was he surprised at Cas using souls in the first place? If the second, then how in God’s name did Cas justify the need for Balthazar to un-sink the Titanic?

[46] What was Cas going to do with the souls? Even if he used them, he definitely couldn’t have stopped Raphael with only that much power; instead:
  • he could have smitten him as a temporary measure (how long did it take Raphael to recover after the first time, anyway?) and something to give him enough time to find Purgatory

  • he could have used the power of the souls in conjunction with the Weapons and maybe stood a chance

  • this could have been a trial run, and if it worked he might have messed with the timeline more and more, to get even more souls – if Fate let him.

Was it an attempt not to depend on Crowley? If this worked, if Fate let it slide (or if maybe he managed to kill her, who knows if that hadn’t been the original plan anyway, with Balthazar having a weapon that could kill Fate conveniently stashed away and available at such short notice, immediately after the boys got targeted), he wouldn’t have needed to open Purgatory and take that big a risk of the monsters getting through, or suffer the taint of working with Crowley anymore. And, in his rationalisation (Cas is so fond of them), the fact that he was using innocent souls shouldn’t have mattered (if you assume that he could not care about using monster souls because what the hell, they’re monsters, they don’t get a vote; Eleanor and Lenore (wow, would you look at that) would beg to differ, but whatever) because they never would have existed in the first place, so that’s alright.

[47] I find it hard to buy it that the boys didn’t notice all the fidgeting, but maybe they were too busy mourning Ellen and Jo again and being staggered by the magnitude of Cas killing 50.000 souls to keep them safe.

[48] His jaw does tremble, though, so he isn’t buying it either.

[49] First off – duh, they only call him when they need him; if he’s busy fighting a war then they shouldn’t call him just to hang out, right? ‘specially since he obviously wouldn’t answer (as he barely does when it’s important (to them) anyway)… yeah…

All jokes aside, unless there’ve been some behind-the-scenes prayers going on, the boys didn’t call Cas away from the War that much this year: 6 times in total including 6x17, one of which didn’t go through (in the meta world); and okay, you could say that on one of those occasions Dean called him several times over several days (in 6x06), and in 6x15 and 6x17 Cas went there of his own accord (and probably stalked them for a little while to be able to help in the nick of time) but still, it’s not enough to warrant that amount of anger and prissiness on Rachel’s part. So, did Cas run off for meetings with Crowley and let the other angels assume that he was on Earth with the boys? Or did he actually stalk them more or less the whole year, not just from the moment Eve spilled the beans about Crowley?

[50] Not unlike the way Cas questioned Uriel in S4; the parallel is almost disturbing.

[51] Now see, this worries me. From the way Cas talked, I assumed (chose to believe?) that he was spinning a tale, that he didn’t actually look at Rachel’s actions as a betrayal, because at the time Cas still showed clear signs of thinking that what he was doing was wrong.

But she was his friend, and he was forced to kill her (a step-up from killing his brothers who maybe (hopefully) weren’t also his friends, I guess) for the sake of the greater good. When he killed Balthazar he didn’t look as torn up about it, and at the time he kept mentioning that his friends betray him. Could he have bought into his own rationalizations when killing Balthazar, talked himself into it because he knew that he had to be able to do it in order to follow the path he was on, because there was no other choice?

[52] I’m pretty sure he’s 100% truthful when he says he never wants to do that again – because I took that line as him never wanting to use a friend’s soul. Monsters (and people who shouldn’t have been born in the first place) probably don’t count. That, and he probably also never wants to use a living person’s soul while being so very careful not to make them go boom…

[53] The failed experiments and the successful ones visibly freak the boys out; I’m thinking this is what makes the idea of these monsters roaming the earth take seed.

[54] They never have been, really. The fact that in 4x22 he went along with Dean never meant that he changed his opinion on this, and Sam and Dean are the only exceptions he makes (see 6x17, his efforts to keep Sam alive in S5).

[55] Before she dies, she looks at Dean, for quite a while; Dean had just been made a Jefferson Starhip, and we know that Mother can send messages to her kids. I’d like to think she’s passed on some message, otherwise that scene would have been entirely pointless (dramatic zoom-in; how amazing)

[56] One, the delivery sounded entirely off, and kind of like what Cas sounds like when he lies. Two – if Crowley knows enough to kill the remaining Starships, it’s possible he (and as a result Cas?) knew about Mother experimenting with hybrids.

[57] From here: “Balki Castiel is a naive, optimistic, well-meaning person, who “…looks at the world like a four-year-old” and “sees the world as benevolent”. These traits, along with his ignorance of American pop culture, sometimes get Balki Castiel into difficult or dangerous situations, with Larry Sam and Dean, his cousin best friends, invariably coming to his rescue. However, Larry Sam and Dean soon realize that for all Balki’s Castiel’s naivety and cultural malapropisms, he otherwise is a very intelligent and courageous and fucking badass man angel of many talents who often saves the day himself and who can smite his enemies with ease like a fucking boss.”

[58] I mean, look at it from their perspective.

Dean’s had people keeping things from him or letting him down/betraying him all season, and he’s spent a great deal of this season in fear for his brother’s life. First Sam and Bobby didn’t tell him that Sam was alive, which was huge, no matter how well-intentioned Bobby (dunno about Sam) had been. Then Sam sold him out to the vampires and Dean realised he couldn’t trust Sam but didn’t know why, and for several days he felt like he was boarding and dining and going into dangerous situations with Lucifer. Cas lets him down by not helping and presumably not caring about them/him anymore (at least that’s how Dean saw it for a while, until around 6x10). Then there’s the whole Veritas business, and after Dean sighs in relief that Sam says he’s the same as ever and Dean believes him because Sam shouldn’t be able to lie, he gets the rug pulled from under him when Veritas tells him Sam’s lying. Then he finds out why Sam sold him out/didn’t search him out/lied to him, and horror of horrors, it’s because Sam has no soul. Then he finds out that Samuel was working with Crowley, and Samuel, their own grandfather, sells them out. Then he goes through the crazy fear of risking Sam’s soul scrambling his brains, even though it had been Dean’s own doing. Right after whatever emotional turmoil he’d gone through to accept the fact that the Natural Order was the best idea, and dead people should stay dead. Then Cas goes against his wishes and tells Sam the truth, thereby endangering him; it’s small, and Dean wouldn’t have been able to keep up the charade anyway, but it’s there, a tiny moment when things didn’t go according to plan because Cas went against Dean’s wishes (Dean had never communicated his wishes to Cas, but whatever; Dean gets over it quickly at least). Then there’s the immense fear and panic Dean goes through when Sam collapses in a seizure with his wall maybe crumbling. Then they’re used as puppets by angels, and Cas STILL WON’T TELL THEM WHAT’S GOING ON. Then there’s the shock of Cas killing 50.000 souls for them, and Ellen and Jo being given back to them and then taken away, which is not any of the above, but it’s something. Then their hunter instincts get betrayed, because they let the perfect Jefferson Starship slip through their fingers, delivered to start their destruction by their own hands (and car). And then it turns out that CAS HAS BEEN HIDING THINGS AND LYING ALL THIS TIME, OH MY GOD. After a whole season of being pulled every-which-way, I’d have reacted the same way Dean had.

Sam had woken up in the middle of the season to find out that he’d burnt the metaphorical city down, and had been doing it for a year and a half; that because he was soulless, he almost killed Bobby and fed Dean to the vampires; then he kills his grandfather; then he finds out Cas killed 50.000 souls for them; then he finds out that Cas had been lying to them all along, and that he was responsible for him being soulless.

Also, what people seem to forget is that the boys have been equating Crowley with opening Purgatory, and that letting out all those crazy-evil monster-souls = Crowley/The King of Hell getting his hands on enough power to fuel the Sun. When they found out that Cas was working with Crowley, it wasn’t just the business transaction that must have floored them, it was also the fact that Cas wanted the same thing as the King of Hell, opening Purgatory, letting the monster-souls out, and was apparently okay with Crowley getting that much power. Also, the boys didn’t know or possibly didn’t comprehend how Cas could use the souls – I’ll use the souls to stop Raphael, sure, sounds easy, and also insane, and 1000 things could go wrong, and all those monsters would be let out and the world would be ruined.

Anyway. The way I saw it, it wasn’t just the fact that Cas made a deal with the devil, it was the fact that Cas wanted what the devil wanted, for whatever reasons. It did not compute, and it floored them, and they had no idea how to re-evaluate their relationship with him – Sam skipped from having doubts about Cas from the beginning to “did you bring me back soulless on purpose” to asking Dean to call Cas for help with Lisa and Ben, and then calling him himself. Dean skipped from trusting Cas to the very end (when the truth hit him in the face) to saying that they were done, to being willing to believe that Cas was in on the Lisa-and-Ben kidnapping because it’s what it was safe to assume, to not wanting to call Cas for help because a) there’s that assumption again, and b) he didn’t think Cas would help, didn’t think he deserved to be helped by Cas anymore, because they were done and were officially on opposing sides, to asking for his help with alters Lisa’s memories (and presumably fixing hospital records and the memories of all the medics and nurses and so on involved in taking care of Lisa, etc etc)

Also, the boys and Cas are both focused on completely different things – Cas is focused on stopping Raphael and conveniently ignoring the fact that he’s opening Purgatory, which even Balthazar said was a monumentally bad idea; the boys are focused entirely on the fact that Purgatory must. not. open. (like Bobby said, one drop came through and it was Eve (who killed a shitload of people and could have had the Earth overrun with monsters), and Cas wants to open the whole thing!?) and conveniently forgetting that Raphael does need to be stopped. ↩ (first appearance) or ↩ (second appearance)

[59] I do love Sam’s reaction, I do. As hurtful as it was for Cas, I think it made complete sense. Indirectly, Cas was responsible for Sam killing innocent people, almost killing Bobby, and letting Dean be turned into a vampire. And with the shock of the revelation, of course he’d think of the absolute worst. What’s lovely, though, is the fact that Sam goes back to trusting that Cas might still help him, that he’s still inherently good.

[60] Crowley has been working with (and on) Cas for two “years.” Interesting how Crowley went from you’re not Lucifer to you’re the new God; I guess after a while he felt that Cas was comfortable enough with the Civil War and his big-ass decision (even if he still hated working with Crowley) for him to up the ante. How long has he been mentioning it? Enough for the idea to take root, even if Cas might have been against it, enough for the souls to latch on to that?

On the other side of the fence, Raphael’s been mentioning how he’s the new God ever since the beginning of the Civil War (my flag, my will, because I say so), and in 5x03 he was completely sure that God was gone; both Crowley and Raphael have been mentioning the new God thing so often that I don’t think the word even had the same meaning anymore – in the sense that for Cas/Raphael it might have meant who decided what would happen re: the Apocalypse, humanity, etc; but then the souls got to Cas’s head and the amount of power he had was unimaginable, so the original meaning kind of… made a come- back.

[61] The way I saw it, Dean’s mention of family came just a little too late (Cast teared up guys, he teared. up. Did he realise at that moment that yes, he could have and should have gone to Dean for help, and it wouldn’t have been too much to ask even by Dean’s definition, because they were family? (I mean sure, Dean mentioned the same thing when Cas was trapped with holy fire, but that was mostly an I-told-you-so) Of course, in 6x03 when Cas asked for their help in locating Moses’ staff the boys scoffed, but like Dean said in 6x20 in the car, if Cas got into real trouble, and if he asked, they would have helped. Sigh.), but it was just too late? And Cas’s “or what” was him willingly and knowingly pushing Dean to the other side – or maybe testing the waters?

[62] Because if you don’t I’ll ch- Ch- what? Choose? Change? Did he know the souls would mess him up somehow?

Also, god, he's so alone.

[63] Dean’s reaction to finding out that Cas had taken something from Bobby; every time I watched the scene, Dean’s tone when he said “what did he do” sounded like him taking responsibility for Cas’s actions, like one does when a friend/brother/son/family member(/boyfriend) does a stupid thing.

[64] Again, I wonder, what did Balthazar think that Cas was doing in 6x17?

Also, I’m not sure about this, but I’ve always kinda had the feeling that Cas was never sure if he could really depend on Balthazar or not:
  • In 6x03 Balthazar already betrays him once by not agreeing to help and leaving him at Raphael’s mercy, then turns around and helps Cas out; on his part, Cas traps him in holy fire, then lets him go. At this point, they’re on different sides (or, well, Balthazar has no side) and Cas can’t really trust him

  • In 6x15 whoever made the meta!world has the fake lines explain to us that Balthazar was joining Cas’s side because he was hunted and he knew that Raphael wouldn’t take him back; meta!Dean actually asked (gruffly): And somehow you don’t have a problem with it?

    • And Cas was awfully stone-faced at the end towards Balthazar, especially compared to the clear affection Balthazar seemed to be displaying

  • He didn’t trust Balthazar enough to tell him what was really going on, even with Balthazar having a more open opinion on the matter of souls; even at the end, he only came clean because Balthazar already knew too much, and Cas most likely didn’t kill him then and there (like Rachel) because Balthazar said he’d join up (and once again, Cas was awfully stone-faced).

[65] About that. I should probably look at all the seasons, but S6 has been disturbingly progressive about torturing for info:
  • In 6x03 Cas puts that kind through a few seconds of unimaginable pain for an important bit of info; he’s not entirely okay with it but doesn’t hesitate, Robo!Sam doesn’t care (looks practically fascinated), and Dean’s point blank against it but still lets Cas go ahead with it

  • In 6x04 Bobby tortures that demon and eventually kills her by burning her bones

  • In 6x07 Cas does his thing at Dean’s request, to check if Sam and Samuel’s souls were there

  • In 6x08 the boys threaten that skinwalker with a silver collar; not sure if they tied him up with silver chains, but I think it’s highly likely

  • In 6x10 there’s mention of Crowley torturing the Alpha (and implications of every single monster there being tortured; the djinn who’d tried to kill Dean begging for their help and looking so scared is particularly disturbing); the plan the boys had approved of is for Meg to torture the hell out of Crowley to get info about Sam’s soul before she kills him; before that happens, she gets graphically tortured by Demon!Christian

  • In 6x19 Bobby tortures the Starship (before Cas steps in to successfully finish the job) while Dean and Sam watch

  • In 6x20 Bobby tortures that demon for info on Crowley, Crowley tortures that vampire during Eve’s autopsy

  • In 6x21 Dean tortures demon after demon for info on Lisa and Ben (which is huge for him, and I can't decide whether I like the fact that the show/Sam didn't comment on it (why the comments, after all, it's clear how desperate (and guilty) Dean is and why he's doing it, and Dean would sure as hell not have appreciated said comments, no matter who made them) or not

  • In 6x22 Crowley and Cas torture Dr. Vysiak

I mean really, in the latter part of the season torture was going on all over the place…

[66] I assume Cas was stalking him again (maybe after Sam’s prayer, but Cas had been there to listen to Sam’s prayer (no wing-beat sound), and hadn’t Sam come out of the warehouse Dean was doing his torturing in?), because otherwise how would he have found Dean, and in a nick of time?

[67] They way I saw it, Cas put in that caveat just to make sure that Sam and Dean would be out of the way and unhurt by all of this (I mean, at the end he healed Lisa when he didn’t really have to, so yeah).

[68] Dean’s expression when Cas left after saving him from that demon was the exact same one he had in 4x22 when he said that they were done; to the letter.

[69] There were several times in the episode when Dean needed to count on Ben like he could count on Sam/a hunter, like John could have counted on him:
  • When he asked about what the monsters were (no attention to detail under pressure)

  • When he asked about the gun (not resourceful)

  • When he asked for Ben to get the knife – this one worked; but the order was absolute, 100% Sir-sounding like

  • When he needed Ben to keep it together and shoot the demons (also worked, and gaaaaah! Poor Ben!).

[70] See, I wonder if Cas knew even then that Balthazar (or someone from their side, at least) had helped Dean. It would be conceivable for Dean to get the information he needed from any of the demons he tortured, but what if Cas had known, ever since? What if he would have been okay with Balthazar helping Dean get Lisa, but then Balthazar crossed the line when he gave the boys their location, and Cas saw that as a total betrayal and killed him ;___;

[71] Bobby’s probably gonna hate Cas for this one, for a long while.

[72] Is Cas spending the whole season in an “it’s okay if I do this now, I’ll fix it later” mind-space?
  • Don’t tell Dean yet about Robo!Sam because Sam isn’t whole; maybe, possibly, fix it later

  • Then the War starts – start working with Crowley; for now; double-cross him later

  • Sam and Dean are indirectly against Cas, lies lies lies lies; will tell them later, explain later

  • Break down Sam’s wall – it’s okay, I’ll fix it later

Also, what had really been going though his head in 5x22? Had he really said goodbye (indirectly), not intending to bother Dean and Sam again, ever? Just wanted to do a last/first good thing for them and bring Sam back but whoops, he messed it up, and then he went home and found himself saddled with teaching free will to the angels, which definitely didn’t work out, and then boom, Raphael, and Cas just never got around to fixing Sam/telling Dean that hey, I got Sam out but messed it up, wanna fix it together? (though again, there’s no way to fix Sam except for getting his soul out of the Cage, and as far as Cas knew that couldn’t be done, so what’s the point in telling Dean?) And then he’d been working with Crowley for a while, and Heaven was busy, and Raphael was busy targeting Cas but wasn’t involving Sam and Dean in it yet, and maybe Cas wanted to keep it that way so he didn’t want to draw attention to them, and then whoops, Sam’s travelling and hunting with Samuel, damn it, and then Dean’s brought into the loop, and how much did Cas debate over answering Dean’s first prayer about the Weapons?

[73] The only bit that seemed wrenched in place for me in 6x22 was when Cas killed Balthazar. Not like Cas wouldn’t ever do it, I can be made to buy that, but I thought the way they set it up felt insufficient. Personally, I would have needed an extra scene of some sort, an extra moment between them, an extra moment of Cas slipping, I don’t know.

And did Cas seem a little unhinged to you guys back then? I mean, why did Cas call Dean by his full name? It’s not like Balthazar didn’t know the guy, for that to be necessary (he even calls him by his given name himself). What, is Cas trying to distance himself even more? Reduce Dean to him being the Righteous Man and that human and not remember that this was Dean?

[74] How does that work, actually?
  • Crowley could assume that, if Cas were to win, he would go after him;

  • If Cas lost and Raphael won, the Apocalypse would be back on track, Lucifer would be out of the Cage, and:

    • if Lucifer won, humanity would die and demons would be next (as per S5), not to mention Crowley being booted out of the King of Hell position, most likely painfully

    • if Michael won – er, I don’t know; what’s supposed to happen after Heaven wins? Possibly nothing good for demons, anyway

Either way, it might be a good idea to be on Raphael’s good side and ensure a prolonged survival - though there’s absolutely no knowing that Raphael wouldn’t turn on Crowley as well, so… yeah… Maybe a chance at survival is better than nothing? Like he said, grabbing the best offer on the table?

[75] The soul took over Eleanor just like Cas took over Jimmy, actually more like any demon takes over a host. There are 15-20 mill souls in Cas; while they can’t take him over (I assume?), they most likely can skew his perspective. I still doubt Cas wanted to be God, or wanted that power for power’s sake, even though people (Crowley, Raphael, Balthazar) kept putting words in his mouth.

And again, I still wonder if those 50.000 souls from Hell that Cas used in the beginning ever had an effect on him.

[76] Dean’s expressions/barely contained fear at the sight of God!Cas was exactly like his behaviour towards Sammifer after he snapped his fingers and killed Cas.

Other notes/observations/‘I don’t know why’s

Poor Bobby this season – Sam tries to kill him, he finds out a woman he cared about and had some sort of relationship/affair with was in fact a monster escaped from Purgatory (at least she was one of the good guys), and then Cas tortures and kills her. Wow.

For the shipper in me, there were two parallels between Bobby and Dr Vysiak and Dean and Cas:
  • Her telling Bobby You’re just a man

  • Their final exchange: Let me help – I can take care of myself (and her getting in big trouble afterwards)

Still for my shipper-self, notice how Dean gets frustrated when Cas leaves every. single. time. But somehow, he’s still less pissed at Cas than at any other angel (er, that would be only Balthazar) when they leave without offering answers?

Mmmm, any speculations about the reason why Cas kept looking over at Dean (three times) at the end?

Why didn’t Cas get his hands on the Alphas himself? It would have been much easier, no? (They were 'underground' and angels couldn’t sniff them out? Or they were protected against angels?)

Why didn’t Crowley start using demons from the beginning, why the hell did he need hunters, anyway? (he didn’t want to alert the hunter-world/angel-world to what he was doing? Because Bobby and the boys realised that demons were hunting monsters awfully quickly in 6x20)

Um, how did Cas make his followers guard that building, no questions asked? What with Crowley being there? What, couldn’t the angels feel he was there, whut?

Dear Lord, what’s with all the silly zoom-ins in 6x22? ↩ back to top

And that would be the timeline I put together. Hopefully, it's not all that difficult to follow. If I missed something, or mixed things up, please let me know. Also, if you see things differently, or if my ramblings happen to spark any ideas, I'd love to hear it - I've been meaning to think out loud about S6 for a while now... in case you couldn't tell ;)

on 2011-06-10 09:14 pm (UTC)
break_glass: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] break_glass
Excellent break down, I'm still digging through this (great way to spend a weekend though!) I did want to comment, re: did Cas know about Sam's soul -- I was thinking maybe it was something as simple as "Cas knew something was wrong, but didn't know what." more than anything else. He was able to spot demon souls (tortured souls), yes, but I don't think there's been a canon moment where he was able to spot regular ol' human souls on sight. He had to put his hand in the child, and in Samuel, to see their souls, and we saw it's a genuinely painful experience. Sam's his friend, he fucked up bringing his friend whole, maybe he simply didn't want to risk revealing the truth, that he fucked up bringing back Sam, and face that shame of letting down a friend?

I don't know, I think it might be something as simple as "Cas knew something was wrong, but didn't want to take the steps to find out why, because that would admit the truth." you know?

on 2011-06-10 11:10 pm (UTC)
vasiliki: Castiel, Angel of the Lord, unfolding his wings (Castiel)
Posted by [personal profile] vasiliki
I didn't read it all, but wrt Cas knowing about Sam's soul or that he brought Sam back wrong in some way. He had no idea. The voiceover was Cas' thoughts after 6x20, as he related everything.

Cas' warning should have been that Sam walked away from Dean - because this was something that Sam would never do. But it didn't even OCCUR to Cas that he might have brought Sam back wrong in some way! THAT was the fault of his pride that he referred to in the voiceover. :) He was full of mission, he thought he could do the impossible and save Sam: but in retrospect, he couldn't, he failed, he didn't really save Sam.

Now, why he didn't tell them in 6x03 he was the one who brought Sam back: sloppy writing. :)


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