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2011-06-10 12:33 am
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SPN - S6 timeline

The way I see it, while not as well-paced as previous seasons, the S6 storyline does hold up when looked at in its entirety (though granted, a good season is one you can enjoy without having to re-watch it). I started putting the timeline together mostly because I wanted to get the 5x22 - 6x01 period straight, and because I wanted to look at Cas’s actions in hindsight – and then there were Mother and Crowley and Purgatory to think of, and I wanted to see if they’d seem better connected after a re-watch (they did). Towards the end, I realised there were several themes that the episodes touched on, and they’re the things that manage to make S6 seem cohesive, at least to me.

Before jumping in, I'd like to say many thanks to [personal profile] janice_lester for the comments, suggestions and hand-holding; this post would have been painfully incoherent if not for her :)

And off we go )